Friday, October 26, 2007

Strike A Pose: Beauty Shot

A beauty shot looks easy but it's actually one of the hardest shots to pull off, especially for an amateur model. The basics of a beauty shot is that the focus is the face. The shot only consists of everything from the collarbone and up. Since this is a close-up shot of the face, a model must have great skin. Retouching can cost a client lot of money and most clients won't even bother with models who have less than perfect skin.

The tricky part to this shot is how to evoke emotion with your eyes. Depending on the mood of the shot, the model must be able to show intensity or softness with just her eyes. Tyra Banks always tells the ANTM contestants that they need to learn to smile with their eyes. Second cycle ANTM winner Yoanna House is shown here with her beauty shot.

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Purse Addict said...

ANTM has yet to produce a massively successful model...the closest they've come was that chick Eva but even she's not really talked about anymore...Tyra annoys me like no other...