Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me! Yay!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Olive Garden

I am amazed that this is my first entry about food. Everyone who knows me probably knows how much I love food. I'm not sure if I love food more that I love to shop. I think I like both equally.

Anyway, I was talking to my cousin IPDL about a month ago. She just moved to Indiana from the Philippines to pursue her PhD at Purdue University. We were talking about a visit to Indiana and I asked her if she's been to any good restaurants there. She paused for a second and replied, "There's Olive Garden." I was baffled. She's been around the world, eaten so many great meals and she replies with Olive Garden? When she noticed my confusion, she told me that Olive Garden is the best restaurant they have because she's in the middle of nowhere. To my surprise, I responded, "Olive Garden?!? My palette is more refined than that." What a snooty bitch I am. We laughed about it then because she understood why I said that (I was NOT trying to be bitchy). I guess I'm just spoiled with the plethora of restaurant choices we have here in Los Angeles.

PS. I have nothing against Olive Garden but if you can have great Italian food at Il Cielo or I Cugini (or my favorite hole-in-the-wall, Alejo's), I don't think Olive Garden is even an option. On a side note, I'm really not a fan of chain restaurants except maybe The Cheesecake Factory.

Strike A Pose: Beauty Shot

A beauty shot looks easy but it's actually one of the hardest shots to pull off, especially for an amateur model. The basics of a beauty shot is that the focus is the face. The shot only consists of everything from the collarbone and up. Since this is a close-up shot of the face, a model must have great skin. Retouching can cost a client lot of money and most clients won't even bother with models who have less than perfect skin.

The tricky part to this shot is how to evoke emotion with your eyes. Depending on the mood of the shot, the model must be able to show intensity or softness with just her eyes. Tyra Banks always tells the ANTM contestants that they need to learn to smile with their eyes. Second cycle ANTM winner Yoanna House is shown here with her beauty shot.


What in holy hell is that on Britney's head? Are those supposed to be extensions? Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! She needs to fire her haistrylist ASAP and get in touch with my friend EV. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought we aren't supposed to see the extension tracks. When Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson had extensions, I don't think they ever looked like anything on Brit's head.

I think Britney just needs to be on the TLC show "What Not to Wear?" because she certainly doesn't have a clue. We all know she needs a new management team but she should also consider hiring a new stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Strike A Pose - Editorial

Editorial shots are like art pieces. They are usually a little more gritty, a little more provocative. These shots are designed to send a message and to get a photographer's point across. Sometimes, a photographer can also use an editorial shot to show his creativity given specific boundaries (such as a theme or an event).

On ANTM, Jay and Tyra would sometimes comment on how a shot could be a great editorial shot. The challenge in an editorial shot is for the model to come alive in a photo with a lot of things going on in the background. The set can be overwhelming to a new model. So many elements need to be overcome so that they don't get lost in the shot. They need to find a way to "pop" out.

One of my favorite editorial fashion photographers is David Lachapelle. Back when Britney a new sensation, he photographed her spread for Rolling Stones magazine that created waves of fury for mothers everywhere. His shots are always provocative but he is also known for the use of vivid colors in his photography. His photo above is called "Fashion Disaster".

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Strike A Pose - High Fashion

If you watch America's Next Top Model, you've probably already heard Tyra emphasize the difference between posing for a high fashion shot as opposed to posing for a men's magazine. This usually poses (pardon the pun) as a challenge to some of the girls because most of them don't understand that the beauty in a fashion shot is that it's awkward and different.

Most successful fashion shots deemphasize the body that's why the poses are mostly deconstructed and awkward. When people see these shots, they always wonder why this shot is picked and why are the models posing this way. I think by deemphasizing the body, the clothing (or whatever fashion accessory) takes center stage. The eye gravitates toward the product rather than the model. Another reason is probably to differentiate from all shots. The editorial shot is usually more gritty (think David LaChapelle), the catalog shot is commercial, and the men's magazine shot is overtly sexy.

Birthday Bash 2007 Update

My birthday is almost here...which means PARTY TIME! As usual, the venue has changed from my last post about this event. This time, dinner will be at Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica and the after party will be next door at Holly's West. To everyone who is coming, please respond to the evite. I've already made reservations at Wilshire but I still need to know who's coming so I can adjust the reservations if needed. See you all there!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How Can I Tell You

I found it! Well, I found the original and it's none other than one of my favorite artists of all time...Cat Stevens! I actually like the new version more (by Julie Wheeler of Cat Power) but the original is a classic.

Always Thinking of You

I love this commercial. I know I posted about the marketing ploys of diamond companies but this particular commercial just tugs at my heartstrings. Or maybe I'm just hormonal. The song sounds like it's by Feist but I'm not sure if it is.

Desert Hills Premium Outlets "Shopping Spree"

JJ and I took a trip to Palm Springs last Saturday for a mini shopping spree at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets. She had never been there before so when she asked me about a month ago if I wanted to join her, I figured why not. Last Friday, I had another dental appointment that last almost three hours and left me in so much pain (and also left a huge dent on my pocketbook but that's another story) that I figured this shopping spree is just what I needed to relieve some stress.

I haven't been to Cabazon in a long time and my how it's changed. They have a lot of new stores that got me excited, namely the True Religion store. Much to my dismay, the styles they carried we too old (mostly from 2006). I was also excited about the Theory store but nothing really caught my eye. Well, there was one dress that looked really cute but it was still too expensive for an outlet store. BCBG had a bunch of cute stuff. I was really excited about Miss Sixty and found a cute blazer which JJ didn't like so I ended up not buying it. Overall, I was satisfied with the trip because I finally got my silver shoes!

For my loot, see below.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christian Lacroix Couture Show

Like I said in my previos post, this is probably the only show this season that upstaged John Galliano. I'm talking about the clothes, by the way. I don't think anyone can upstage John Galliano's theatrics.

Drama on the Runway: Galliano Style

As far as runway shows are concerned, Paris Fashion Week takes the cake for the most dramatic shows. As usual, Mr. John Galliano pulls out all the stops for an over the top show. Not only are his creations dramatic, the hair and makeup are usually taken to another level of drama as well. He's probably one of the biggest characters in the fashion industry - his shows are always animated, quirky, and unexpected. That's probably the reason why my bgf, EV, loves him so much!

Earlier this month he showcased three collections for Spring 2008 - 2 for Dior (Ready to Wear and Couture) and 1 for his own label, John Galliano (Ready to Wear).

Dior (Ready to Wear): This was probably his tamest show this season. Even the colors were tame - mostly black. The makeup was a bit dramatic but that's it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still love his designs. I'm just saying that this show was not up to Galliano standards.

Dior (Couture): Dior's couture show was definitely in Galliano fashion - quirky, quirky, quirky. But what couture show isn't? Isn't that the point of couture shows? To go over the top? Well, I think if that's the point, I'm sorry to say that Galliano might have been upstaged by Christian Lacroix. Needless to say, they both put on a great show.

John Galliano (Ready to Wear): The most animated show of them all! This collection is fun, flirty, and light - perfect for spring. This collection shows off Galliano's design prowess - the clothes are not upstaged by the show he's putting on.

Crispin & Basilio

I'm back after a weekend hiatus. I took a short study break but I'm back. And what better way than to start with an entry about a fellow Filipino.

I was flipping through my November issue of Lucky magazine and I noticed a few pieces by crispin & basilio. I thought, "the designer MUST be Filipino" since Crispin and Basilio are two very famous fictional characters in Philippine literature. So, in my downtime, I looked it up and lo and behold, the designer is Filipino.

Donny Barrios studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He used to design menswear prior to the launch of crispin & basilio. His collection of fun and flirty women's wear is pretty small but its enough to garner this newbie some attention. The up and coming designer has already been recognized in the fashion industry as a rising talent. Congratulations Mr. Barrios and may you bestow us with more of your designs in the years to come!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

L.A.M.B. Love Lucca Medium Bowler

I've mentioned a few times that I'm not a bag/purse girl. I tire of bags easily, hence I can't justify spending too much money on an accessory that I'll only use for a short period of time. A lot of bag fanatics can justify their spending because they get a lot of use out the bag and they take great care of their bags. There are also services that offer bag rentals, specifically of designer "it" bags that a lot of young fashionistas covet but can't necessarily afford to purchase. These don't work for me either. I just don't like the idea of renting something that somebody else has already used.

Anyway, as much as I don't see the point in purchasing expensive bags, sometimes I see a bag that sort of "speaks" to me. In this case, it's the L.A.M.B. Love Lucca Medium Bowler. When L.A.M.B.'s spring handbag collection came out, a version of this bag was in the market - the Love Capri. I searched everywhere and they were sold out. I also liked the Love Capri Satchel, but like the bowler, it was sold out everywhere. When the Fall collection hit the shelves, this baby caught my eye again. This time available it's in only 2 colors, Anthracite (shown here) and Silver. I actually saw the Satchel in Silver at Intermix when I went with JJ last month. I immediately fell in love with it until I saw the Bowler version in Anthracite. The gray color is so trendy for this Fall season but since it's a neutral, it should be able to transcend the season. If you work in a corporate environment like me, this bag is still sophisticated enough to bring to work but it's definitely not boring or stuffy. The orange juxtaposed with the gray gives the bag a little bit of flavor. I'm not a big fan of the inside of the bag since it's lined with the signature L.A.M.B. stripe, but then again I'm the only one that can see the inside!

I can see this bag as something I can use for a while. It's also friendlier on the pocketbook at only $700. This is definitely my bag of the moment until I change my mind again. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a matching wallet? I'm not the matchy-matchy type of person but I might get the wallet and think about the purse some more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are making a come back! The last I've seen these boots were in the early 90s, in the movie Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts, playing the role of a hooker, sported these babies during the first quarter of the film. Her boots were vinyl, certainly cheap and tacky, but she was, after all, playing a hooker.

These days, thigh high boots are available in luxe and luscious materials such as suede, lambskin and even wool. But I have to emphasize that these boots are only for the bold. These are pretty tough to pull of without looking cheesy or tacky. A great example would be Serena van der Woodsen from last week's episode of Gossip Girl. She wore a pair of flat-soled suede thigh high boots with her school uniform. The boots certainly add a certain flavor to her uniform and instantly boosts her sex appeal. She definitely rocked these boots, but then again, she's 5'10.

I've actually been secretly pining for these boots but I know it's an impractical buy because 1.) it's a trend that I'm sure will pass soon, and 2.) I'm too short to pull them off (or at least that's how I feel). So, for an alternative, I'm gonna go with thigh high socks. These socks are definitely just as hard to pull off. Not for the faint, but definitely for the adventurous. The only problem I have with thigh high socks is that they slide down, a lot! It's a little embarrassing and inconvenient to keep pulling these babies up. I guess Hollywood tape would answer that dilemma, though I have yet to try it.

Here's Carrie Bradshaw looking cute in her thigh highs and patent oxford booties. Now, that look I think I can pull off. First off, she's not that tall. I might be a little taller than her (not by a lot). I think the key to her look is the monochromatic tone of the whole outfit. That way, the socks don't scream for attention.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free Pass 5

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen that Friends episode about the “Free Pass 5”. It’s where they all come up with 5 celebrities that they want to sleep with and their partner can’t say no (hence the term “free pass”). Not that it’ll ever happen, but just in case. In the Friends episode, I think Ross even laminated his list. Lol. What a dork. In any case, here’s my five (not in any particular order and the list changes every so often)...

Hugh Jackman. Great smile, great body. He’s very talented...he can act and sing! A very sexy Wolverine.

Jason Statham. Great body, sexy smile. Plus he does most of his own stunts. Total bad ass.

David Beckham. Sexy...but his voice totally ruins it for me. I was totally excited when they moved to LA but I am bummed about his injuries. It’s ok, he’s still a great soccer player.

Rodrigo Santoro. Another sexy hottie. He’s a great actor, too. He played Xerxes on 300. Shocking, huh?

The only American on my list, Milo Ventimiglia. I don’t need to expound, he already has and entry dedicated to his hotness.

As I said earlier, this list constantly changes. I think Matthew McConaughey got bumped off for Milo Ventimiglia. I'm spotting a trend as well. It seems that I’m attracted to dark-haired bad boys (or at least those who are badasses on screen).

So tell me, who's on your 5?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Birthday Bash 2007

Every year on my birthday, I stress myself out with planning a "great" birthday bash. Every year I get frustrated and every year I give up about a week before my birthday. Also, I tell myself every year that "this year I'll have a quiet celebration". Ha! Never happens.

I think, of my birthday celebrations these last few years, my favorite would have to be the one at World Cafe back in 2004. I made the reservations a week ahead for 15 people - my friends and coworkers (including my boss). Our reservations were for 9pm and we pretty much got there on time. As usual, they were busy so I knew we had to wait for a few minutes even though we had reservations. We ended up waiting for 2 hours, with my boss leaving a half hour before we were seated. Nice. It was still a fun night despite the wait. Drinks were plentiful, food was delicious and the company was awesome. I got a call the next night confirming my reservations. It turns out they mixed up the dates. I don't think I've been back there since then. I did enjoy, but I think it was because of the people not so much the venue.

So much rests on the venue. The ambience, parking, food, music... This year I want somewhere that's a little more "chill". Not too Hollywood and not too pretentious. But I also want a fun place with music and dancing. After much thought, I narrowed it down to two places.

Ritual Supper Club sits where White Lotus used to be. The great thing about a supper club is that you get dinner AND dancing all under one roof.

Pros: dinner and dancing (especially dancing), sushi!, new place for me since I've never been there, and did I mention the dancing?

Cons: Hollywood location - I'm so over the Hollywood scene, can get a little pricey, not everyone likes sushi plus I've never been there so i can't vouch for their food.

Another option is Beechwood Restaurant in Venice. It's a relatively new restaurant with a great contemporary decor. It has a nice open patio, complete with a fire pit, that gets pretty packed as the night progresses.

Pros: great food and even better drinks, very "chill" atmosphere, great decor especially the patio area

Cons: no dancing, no dancing, no dancing... did I mention there's no dancing

What's a girl to do?

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I'm still reeling from our 1-point loss to Stanford yesterday. I actually didn't watch the game, I just caught the score while watching the Florida-LSU game. I'm sure we're going to be dropping in the polls. I hoped LSU would lose too, but much to my dismay, they pulled a hail mary with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Oh well, I just hope we can make a come back. Two bad weeks in a row, my boys better get back in shape. Soon.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seychelles & Smashbox Warehouse Sale

Ok, so I braved another warehouse sale (alone!). This time it was the Seychelles & Smashbox Warehouse sale. The sale was located at the Seychelles/BC Footwear warehouse in El Segundo. I had my apprehensions since I was going alone and in pain (I just left my dentist's office) but I figured I'll be fine since I'll be going at the end of the day and it's a shoe sale! I know I had tips about going to sample sales a few posts ago and I broke all of them! Hahaha...

When I got there, I was surprised that there were still so many girls in there! I can get a tad bit claustrophobic in crowded situations but it wasn't all that bad. The space was huge, probably about 10,000 sq. feet. I felt like I was in shoe heaven, so many shoes, shoes everywhere. Unfortunately for me, I wear a 7 which is the most popular shoe size. I grabbed all the remaining 7s I could find and went off to a corner to try on my finds.

The items were reasonably priced. Seychelles boots were $45 ad all the other Seychelles shoes were $30. Seychelles shoes occupied a majority of the space with the quarter of the space devoted to BC Footwear ($20 each) and Smashbox Cosmetics (from $1). After whittling down my choices to 2 pairs, I headed to the cosmetics section. With Christmas nearing, I thought that makeup would make great stocking stuffers. It took me about 20 minutes to go through all the makeup. I think I spent a total of about an hour at the sale before calling it a day. To see my bargain buys, see below:

I know I said I found 2 pairs of shoes. I ended up only buying a pair since both shoes were nude and I decided to go with the dressy pair. The bottom picture of Smashbox cosmetics was all contained in one bag for $25. They offered 3 grab bags for $10, $25, and $100. I went for the $25 one not knowing what was inside (they were all sealed!) and I was pretty pleased with what I got. All in all, I would say that it was a good warehouse sale.

By the way, I should probably mention that I picked this sale over the Mike & Chris and LaROK sales. I'm still not sure if I made the right decision but I'm definitely happy with my purchases.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Visit to the Dentist


It's that time again, the dreaded visit to the dentist. If you're like me (and 90% of the population), you know that sense of foreboding a visit to the dentist's office evokes. I have to mentally prepare myself hours before the visit. Most of the pain is probably psychological, just in my head. I remember an incident when I was younger and I needed to get a molar extracted. I was crying the whole time I was in the chair, internally cringing and awaiting the 'torture' to follow. I had my eyes shut the whole time, sobbing in the chair. After a few minutes the dentist asked why I was still crying, if I was feeling any pain. I opened my eyes, bewildered and confused. Why was he asking me these questions? Ah, it turns out that he had already pulled the tooth. In my hysteria, I didn't realize that the procedure was done. I didn't even feel it! I felt like an idiot sitting there and crying. Well, 15 years later, I still hate going to the dentist.

I got into a conversation with my dental hygienist about the fear of dentists. She told me that there's a whole psychology behind it. They even offer it as a class to dental students! Most of it has to do with the pain (whether actual or imagined doesn't make a difference) and other times it has to do with the sound of the grinding and the drilling. Interestingly, some people fear the dentist because of the 'invasion of their space'. This was a weird concept for me to grasp. I understand space intrusion but not in the context of medicine (or dentistry in this case). I mean, I have to go to a gynecologist every about space intrusion. But in any case, some people feel that their personal space is violated when the dentist is prodding and poking around in their mouth. Well, I guess to each his own. I personally don't like the instruments. They're intimidating! If you don't believe me, see below....


Thursday, October 04, 2007

October Shoe Picks

There are girls out there that love purses (i.e. my mom, JJ). There are girls out there who love clothes (i.e. SY). And there are girls out there, like me, who love shoes. I used to be a jean-girl. Every time I shopped, I get a new pair of jeans. Sadly, in entering the corporate world, I no longer wear most of my jeans so I turned to shoes (my second love). I'm also proud to say that my 'shoe collection' has grown up with me. No longer do I buy 2 pairs of Pumas at a time. I've let go of my love for sneakers when I let go of my obsession for jeans.

Because I work in a corporate environment, I turn to shoes to spruce up my work outfit. I have a few stilettos that make me feel sexy even when I'm wearing the frumpiest of outfits (which I try not to do unless I don't feel well). I remember when I used to hate pointy-toe shoes. I thought they looked like 'witch' shoes. Now, I own a few pair of them. Their great for work and they make me look taller. Hey, I need all the help I can get in that department!

Now that the weather's cooling down, it's also time to bring out the boots. I personally love knee-high boots but lately I've also been crushing on booties. Booties are a a little bit more versatile (in my opinion) because you can wear them with jeans without adding bulk. They also look really cute with swing or trapeze dresses (ok, any short dress will do) and tights. I can't wait until it gets colder!

If I had an unlimited budget for shoes, I would pick the ones below. Actually, I had an unlimited budget, I'd probably buy more than the ones below. Lol. Anyway, these are my October shoe picks. On a side note, as much I love Louboutins, I can't, in good conscience, buy or try on another pair. They put a whole new meaning to the term "killer heels".


L-R Giuseppe Zanotti $520, Miu Miu $395, Dior $1,390 - All available at Saks)


(L-R Pedro Garcia $600, Loefler Randall $685, Modern Vintage $395 - all available from


(L-R Scorah Pattullo $578, Frye $248, Marc by Marc Jacobs $625 - all available at

Christian Louboutins: Okay, I lied. But how can I not include CLs when I am writing about shoes?!? As much as my CLs hurt my feet, they are still eye candy and I am not going to lie, I'm actually thinking of getting another pair. I know, I never learn. In fairness, I actually tried on the one in the middle and it was actually comfortable. It fit like a dream....

(L-R Metallic Leather Sandal $785, Knotted Open-Toe Sandal $785, Burma Very Prive Pump $810 - available at Neiman Marcus.)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sample Sales

Since it's my birthday month, I am going to attempt (key word, *wink*) to write at least an entry a day. Today's entry will be about samples sales and I love sample sales!

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is the accessibility to fashion. We have the Fashion district in Downtown where a lot of designers have their showrooms. We also have the City of Vernon, where some local designers have warehouses and factories (i.e. American Apparel, LaRok, etc.).

In today's economic climate of high inflation rates and job insecurities, a fashion-lover/shopaholic like me turns to sample sales. We all know that keeping up with fashion can drain one's bank account. One might ask, "why not just go to discount stores like Marshall's or Ross?" Well, that's because the merchandise from Marshall's or Ross are usually the overstock of big department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom. Sample sales usually offer indie designer labels that are only offered in boutiques like Mike & Chris or LaRok. Sample sale stock is usually only a season behind so if you go to a trunk show in the fall, you might find summer or spring wares.

Last weekend, my friend JJ and I braved a T-Bags Billion Dollar Babe sale at the W Hotel in Westwood. They offered a lot of their summer collection at this sale. The great thing about T-bags is that most of their clothes can be worn year-round. The only difference in seasons is the patterns that are offered. So, they might have a top in their summer collection that will be offered again in the Fall but in a different pattern.

The T-bags sale started at 8 am for Platinum members, 9 am for us Gold members and 10 am for the rest of the public. Arriving early is key in sample sales. Early arrival ensures that you get first pick of the lot. At the Barney's warehouse sale, JJ arrived before they even opened but was in the middle of the line. By the time she got in, all the 'good' bags were gone! If circumstances don't permit you to arrive early, at least make sure you have your running shoes on. I went to a bag sale with my mom about a year ago and as soon as the doors opened, these girls just rushed in. It was my first sale and my mom and I were astounded to why these girls were running. As soon as I got to the sale site, I realized why they were get to the 'good' bags before anyone else. These girls had an armful of bags and they go to one corner to pick through their loot. If you even dared to look at them while they were going through their stuff, I swear they'd claw out your eyes!

Another advantage these girls had was that they travel to sales in packs. I guess this is to ensure that their loot is protected. Man, fashion makes girls vicious! Hahaha. I haven't resorted to such tactics because I don't want to ruin the experience for those of us who want to shop in peace.

So, to sum up, sample sales are great because you save money of designer duds but make sure you arrive early and bring some of your girlfriends or significant other (even if they're just there to help you carry your stuff)!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Milo Ventimiglia

How can one not enjoy "Heroes" this season when you have a half-naked Milo Ventimiglia running around? *wink*

Handsome and talented, this Italian - Irish - English - Scottish - Blackfoot Indian hottie is a California native. Prior to his big break on TV, he was an English major at UCLA (boo!).

I've been a Milo fan since his days as brooding bad boy, Jess, on Gilmore Girls. I thought he was a much better choice for Rory than Dean (gag!). He was great at playing Jess - rebellious but secretly intellectual. He was so good at his role that The WB offered him a contract even after his character was written off the show.

Milo had a Gilmore Girls spin-off that was never picked up. He also had another show on The WB, The Bedford Diaries, that was dropped when The WB became The CW. Now, he's back on TV as the idealistic Peter Petrelli on NBC's Heroes.

Heroes is one of the better TV shows out right now and it certainly helps that it's got a great cast. I just wish they keep Milo's shirts off! Heehee...

PS. I'm not digging this new look. I like his hair longer!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Project: Cardigan

I am currently on the prowl for cardigans, specifically one that I can use with everything that I own (Ha!). Now that the weather is cooling down, I need a perfect office cover-up that's can also be dressed down for the weekend. I don't want anything too fancy or too casual, otherwise I won't be able to wear it to work. But, I also don't want anything too boring that I won't be able to use it out at night. I currently own only 4 cardigans, 2 of which I don't even use anymore. After what seemed like an endless search, I've narrowed it down to these (not the brands specifically, more so the style):

This cute, short-sleeved lambswool cardigan has all the features that I'm looking for in a cardigan! It can go from day to evening, casual to chic. This cardigan has cream-colored crochet trim that peeks out from each sleeve. A great way to stay warm and cute in LA!

This teal cardigan is a style upgrade from most boring cardigans. The teal color makes it pop. Conservative enough for work and cute enough for a dinner date. This cardigan is a winner!

This longer style of cardigan may be a little long for me but it's nothing my tailor can't fix. I love that this cardigan can almost double as a coat. The thicker cabling of this sweater also makes it a warmer alternative to the two above.

With gray being the "it" neutral for fall, this cardigan is sure to look good with dresses, jeans, and even office wear! If you're bold enough, you can even pull it off as a dress with some opaque tights and exford pumps. That's major! Lol.

A more feminine and sexy silhouette is offered by this fourth cardigan style. Another winner for a day-to-night look! I like the fact that this looks very feminine but not matronly even with the long sleeves. And it's cashmere! Need I say more?

(Top to bottom: Star-Crossed Cardigan, Anthropologie, $178; In Session Sweater Jacket, Anthropologie, $138; Vince Short Sleeve Sophie Cardigan,, $325; Demylee Victoria Cardigan,, $406)