Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

OMFG! The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which was originally only available to 6 special people, will be available for purchase on December 4th. Although I am glad that this book will soon be available to all Harry Potter fans, I'm a little bit peeved at J.K. Rowling because it seems that she used the charity as an excuse to hype up the book.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What the Fug...Kenley's Winning Dress

Seriously?!?! How can this dress win? The green fabric looks like fabric for patio furniture. The shoulders look like something out of Star Trek. The judges called it 80s with a modern twist. What twist? Are we being punk'd?

But seriously, would you wear this for a night out in New York City???

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bottega Veneta Noce Ostrich

The last time JJ and I had a conversation about bags, she talked me into investing in classics such as Chanel and Bottega Veneta. JJ also has been talking about acquiring another ostrich bag so much that she's got me all caught up in her ostrich fever.

As I was surfing the web today, I came across the Bottega Veneta Noce Ostrich. How perfect! You got the classic Bottega brand in the exotic ostrich skin. I have to say that as far as ostrich bags go, this one is not as ostentatious. It might be the simple, classic shape that downplays the exotic skin. It could also be the muted brown color. Whatever it is, it's the perfect combination. I can't wait to see this bag in person so I can feel the soft ostrich leather (after all, Bottega is known for their buttery soft leather).

$5700 at Bottega boutiques.

Gilt Groupe Sales - 7/28-8/1

This week on Gilt: J Mendel, Doo.Ri, Banfi Zambrelli, Cynthia Steffe and more. If you're not a member, click here to join. Happy Shopping!


Timeless, cutting-edge and exquisitely produced, J. Mendel is a mainstay on the Hollywood Red Carpet and has been featured countless times in well-respected publications like Vogue, Elle and Blackbook. Gilt Groupe offers you the same red carpet elegance as celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, and Ellen Pompeo.


Editors and shoppers alike love her designs for their interesting architectu
ral details that are rarely tricky. She works in ever-flattering jersey that drapes and gathers in all the right places to create as smart, slouchy sophistication.

Banfi Zambrelli

In 2003, Silvano Banfi and Frank Zambrelli opened Banfi Zambrelli, in midtown Manhattan and quickly developed a reputation for some of the sexiest and sought-after shoes for New York women. Since their 2003 launch, Banfi Zambrelli shoes have been featured everywhere from Lucky, InStyle, WWD and Vogue.

Cynthia Steffe

The Cynthia Steffe collection offers luxurious statement pieces alongside stylish basics. Her innovative, youthful line attracts an array of celebrity fans including Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson, Mena Suvari, Anne Hathaway, Kristin Davis, and Marcia Gay Harden.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Derek Lam Aiden T-Strap Open Toe Pump

This shoe brings me back to my childhood. I swear I had shoes that looked like these when I was 5...well, not the heel obviously.

I have been on the hunt for a black pair of Mary Janes but when I saw these I think my heart skipped a beat. These have such a sweet and innocent feel to them but they are so bad-ass...very retro chic.

I'm drooling as I write this entry.

Available from Shopbop for $695.

YSL Tribute Platform Sandals

I already have these.

Do I really need these?

I actually tried both shoes and the brown ones won over the black. I don't regret my decision, but why am I still pining for the black patent ones? Well, I'm not really pining for them. Maybe I just want another pair of shoes. Maybe I should wait... It sucks to be me right now. Ok, that was too melodramatic, even for me. Sorry.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Style Inspiration: Jane

There are an infinite number of style/fashion blogs out there and while I do love to browse through some of these blogs, most of them get quite boring and redundant. However, there are times when I find a blogger who understands that simplicity is key. Not all outfits have to be loud and ostentatious in order to speak volumes. Simple outfits, when done right, can be quite powerful as seen here on Jane of Sea of Shoes. When you dissect her outfit, it comes down to jeans, boots, belt, classic white button down. How much simpler can you get, right? The effect, however, is not what you'd expect. And that's what I love about fashion. Grabbing people's attention with a simple outfit. Making a bold statement with a classic white button down. It doesn't always have to be about bold prints, sequins, bright colors, and "it" accessories. It's not always about who can look the most ridiculous. It's about bringing the elements together cohesively...and that my friends is easier said than done.

**Note: Jane is only 16 and already a fashion maven with an enviable shoe closet.

shopbop love

One of the reasons that stands out, for me personally, is the great team behind it. I think they have the best (aesthetically) retail website out there. They have great stylists, great photographers, great models (some of them anyway), and a great graphic design team. The pictures are always so interesting to look at. Crisp pictures with high resolution, interesting angles, vivid colors. I'm highly impressed.

**Note: This is not a paid ad.

Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love mail!

This was waiting for me when I came in to work. I love getting packages in the mail...
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shoppping Ban Update

I realized (with the help of my shopping shrink) that I can't put myself on a completely restrictive shopping ban because it's too torturous and it's too damn hard. Imagine yourself on a strict diet, suddenly everything looks tempting. That's exactly how I feel right now. To ease the temptation (and the suffering), I've decided to add a new "twist" to my shopping ban. Instead of completely shying away from shopping, I'm allowing myself small shopping sprees (of 3 items at the most) PROVIDED that I wear everything I've previously bought (not counting what I bought for Fall/Winter). So right now I am 2 tops, 3 dresses, 2 pants and 5 jeans away from my next shopping spree.

**Note: I like that this new twist forces me to wear everything I buy. At least I can say I've used everything in my closet at least once.**

Monday, July 14, 2008


I don't think I blogged about the time I actually bought my Tory Burch flats. It was about a month or so ago and JJ and I were happily spending our hangover away at South Coast Plaza when I started complaining that my feet hurt. We had been walking for a couple of hours and I was wearing my uncomfortable unpadded Aldo sandals. We passed by Tory Burch and I decided to venture in to relieve my sore feet. I found a pair of cute patent navy blue flats in my size (7.5 in Tory Burch) which was a surprise since my size is usually the first to go. I decided to purchase them since they were the absolute last pair and my feet were just aching to be relieved. JJ warned me that these flats are not the most comfortable in the beginning but they do stretch in time. Right then, I didn't really care. These flats were slightly padded and far better than the ones I had on previously as far as I was concerned. WRONG! About an hour later, my feet started to throb again. I figured the flats just needed to be broken in. WRONG again! It's now been over a month and they still hurt every time I wear them. I have now come to believe that unless it's flip flops, my feet are better off in heels. Oh, and after that afternoon walking around at South Coast, my feet were swollen for the next two days.

**Note: Why is it that my $10 pair of sandals from Payless are WAAAYYY more comfy than the $120 Tory Burch ones?

Henry Beguelin Crocodile Knee Boot

*Sigh*. I think I'm in love. Granted that this boot is not real crocodile leather (it's stamped), it's still gorgeous. This would look great with skinny jeans and a few of my dresses. Ugh, why do I torture myself endlessly when I know I'm on probation? I must be a closet masochist.

Available at Neiman Marcus for $1,390.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Green Outfit...7/10/08

I know I've mentioned to a few of you that I won't be doing any more outfit posts BUT who am I to say "no" to a reader request. *Beams* Per SY's request, I am posting today's outfit.

Dress: I bought this from a multi-designer sale in Glendale a few years ago.
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Seychelles (so comfy!!!)
Watch: Cartier
Bracelet: Pure Sentiment by LN

Hautelook Purchase finally here. Yay!!!
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Theory Brione Pant

If you're a working professional, then Theory should be your new best friend. Not only do they offer clean lines and a polished look, Theory also offers the most flattering fit for trousers.

I know I'm supposed to be on probation but I couldn't pass up these trousers for about 60% off from RueLaLa. I swear these online sample sales will be the death of my bank account. But seriously, where else can you find a steep discount on something that's still "New" at Revolve Clothing? Like I said in an earlier post, I love a good bargain.

If you want an invite to these online sales, email me.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Remember When...

...I said I wasn't going to shop until the end of the year?

Yeah, well...I lied. *Sigh* I should just stop trying to kid myself and admit that I have a problem...a shopping problem. Not only did I buy a pair of earrings this past weekend, I also bought these boots:

Remember when I blogged about them? Well, I checked them again today and they're about 65% off. How can I say 'no' to that? They're not my usual flat boots but I need black heeled boots, so there, I got a pair. Cheaper (ok, WAAYY cheaper) than the pair of Margielas I was eyeing so I feel good about this purchase.

Oh, and the earrings were 30% off too...and 18k white gold. I love a good bargain!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Best Reusable Bag

So awesome! Lol.
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Diamond in the Rough Solitaire

Now that's what I call an engagement ring! Featuring a 10 carat uncut diamond, this ring is the antithesis to the mass-produced "perfect" diamond. This is a ring that I can see myself sporting. It has an edgy and rebellious feel...not so stuffy and staid like your usual round cut Tiffany solitaire.

Available at Neiman Marcus for $14,000 (what a steal!!!).

Pierre Hardy Pony High Heel

These gorgeous peep-toes are on sale and are available in my size (which is hardly the case). I WANT!!!

I love the pony hair. I love the color. Pierre Hardy heels aren't the most comfortable though. I own a pair of black pumps and they do pinch a bit. But 70% off?!?!? That's a hard bargain to beat. What's a shoe-aholic to do? HELP!!!

Weber Summit S-670 Gas Grill

If I may quote Capt. Steve Hiller from Independence Day, "I gotta get me one of these!"

Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!!! Happy Birthday Madster!

Grill available from Price ranges from $2300 to $3100.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stella McCartney Suedette Boots

I have got to say that I like these boots. I usually go the flat boot route but these boots are kinda hot. I love slouchy boots and these have the perfect amount of slouch to them. The problem? Well, they're suede...wait, they're synthetic suede. I don't know which is worse.

Available from NAP for $795.

What the Fug...LV Primrose Open-Toe Wedge Pump

I have openly talked about, disgust (for lack of a better word) of all things monogrammed. I think they're a little bit tasteless and tacky and hardly fashionable. To illustrate my point:
I mean seriously, What the Fug? Where do I even start with this shoe? First of all, the Multicolor is probably one of the more hideous LV collections (apart from the Cerises and the new Monogramouflage). It already looks horrible on a bag and to use the material on a shoe?!? And what's with that butterfly cutout in the front? It looks like something a 3-year old made in daycare that got slapped on the shoe. I mean, COME ON!!! And to think that this shoe costs $905? That's just beyond comprehension. You have got to be blind or stupid if you like this shoe.

Have _____, Will Travel...

I never really fully understood what that idiom means, but it makes sense in this case: Have FUNDS, Will Travel... hehehe.

Apart from eating and shopping, my other love is traveling...especially to distant parts of the world that I read about (or see on the Food Network). Earlier this year, I took my family to Chicago which was partially inspired by the most recent season of Top Chef. Later this summer, my family and I will be headed to Hawaii because it's a trip two years in the making. I'm always in charge of our itineraries and I look forward to planning a fun-filled trip for my family.

Sometime next year (tentatively around January) I am planning a trip to the Philippines, Bangkok and Phuket but I'm still ironing out the details as I write. When I went home last year, I took a side trip to Hong Kong which I thoroughly enjoyed and vowed from then on to take a side trip every time I go to the Philippines. The logistics of my trip are a bit difficult because of blackout days from work. I HAVE to be at work from the 1st thru the 10th of every month so I can only be out from the 11th thru the end of the month. It should be fun trying to figure this trip out.

The last trip on my list for now was supposed to be a trip to Spain and Morocco with the ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, since he's such a procrastinator, this trip has been cancelled and replaced with a trip to Cancun with my best girls and their respective families. It's a little more than a year away but reservations have been made and we're all sooo excited.

All this talk about travel gets me thinking about luggage. I don't own a decent suitcase. I usually pack light so a duffel is good enough for me. However, I think it's time to upgrade my luggage situation to something a bit more sturdy and reliable. The first thing that comes to mind is a vintage LV trunk.

I know I've lambasted LV quite a few times on my blog but I have got to say their trunks are just to die for. Not the most practical or the most economical of choices but definitely is a must have...if just to have as a coffee table or a decor piece.

If practicality is the question, then Samsonite is definitely the answer. Samsonite is practically synonymous with luggage.

The Check Pattern Spinners are durable and practical and available in three sizes. The check pattern is subtle enough to distinguish your luggage from all the other ones on the baggage claim conveyor belt. The material is also sturdy enough to withstand the abuse most luggage encounters in the hands of the airline personnel.

If you are one of the few who have trouble distinguishing your luggage from the sea of black and blah, then you would need something more vibrant like this Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Wheely.
This baby is sure to turn heads at the baggage claim counter. And I'm pretty sure you'd be able to spot this piece of luggage a mile away.

In conclusion, when picking your luggage, opt for:
-something sturdy that can withstand being tossed around
-something bright to make it easy for you to spot it
-something not too ostentatious such as designer logos because that just attracts thieves
-something not too heavy so it wouldn't be a pain to lug around
-something with wheels so it's easier for your back