Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fall Shopping List

Before fall came into full swing, I made a list of items I wanted as a way to "save" money.  It was my way of not overdoing it with the shopping as I usually do.  My list had 10 items on it.  And the items were pretty specific as to brand and color.  Of the 10 items, I bought 3.  Not bad for a self-professed shopaholic.  Maybe I am growing up after all.

1. AllSaints Cargo Biker Leather Jacket in Grey
I fell in love with this jacket when I first laid eyes on it.  This also doubled as my birthday present to myself.  Although it's supposed to be a tight fit, I bought mine a couple sizes up so I can wear a sweater under it and still have some room to move.

2. Wythe NY Oversized Cashmere Sweater in Grey
Same as pictured but in Grey.  I love anything and everything oversized and felt the need to add a grey one to the mix.  Grey is my favorite neutral after all.

3. Red scarf
I probably didn't need another scarf but I wanted a bright one to remind me of home.  Madewell had the perfect bright red one that I couldn't resist.

This other purchase was not on my list but somehow it made it's way into my shopping cart and into my closet.
I actually forgot that I bought this Tahari puffer coat until I unpacked it from the box.  I thought it was a pillow at first!  That's how fluffy it was (and that should tell you how bad my shopping habit gets, damn trigger finger).

I'm currently working on my winter getaway list.  I'm headed to Puerto Rico for a week in January and I'm thinking bikinis, bikinis, bikinis!  What's on you shopping list???