Saturday, June 28, 2008

Versace Mary Jane Pumps

I almost forgot about these shoes until I picked up my July issue of Harper's Bazaar. As I stare longingly at Gwyneth's shoes, I decided to check how much they were. Much to my surprise, the shoes were Versace and not Marni (as I originally thought although I still think that they have a very Marni air to them). And much to my chagrin, the price wasn't available at publication. I search the web high and low and this shoe isn't available anywhere just yet since it's part of the F/W 2008 collection. This means it should arrive in stores some time in September. Will my shopping ban be lifted then? Hmmm.... Good luck to me. Until then, all I can do is stare longingly at my screen. I can't wait to try these lovelies on. I hope they're more comfortable than they look.

Here's a close-up shot:

PS. Don't you just love how sky-high heels make your legs look long and sexy? I do. That's why I can never trade in my heels for flats...unless they're flip-flops and I'm at the beach.

Gwyneth's photo courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
Shoe close-up courtesy of

Friday, June 27, 2008

Feigning for a Wii

I've been sick at home for the past couple days meaning I'm bored out of my mind. These are the days that I wish I had something fun like a video game console such as the PS3 or the Wii to keep me preoccupied. I have to admit I almost drove to Best Buy yesterday to buy a PS3 but stayed at home because I thought the Wii would be a better fit for me. The only problem is, it's hard to come by. The other problem, I'm not really big on video games. I'll probably use it once or twice and move on to the next thing. I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to video games. The Wii system is fun though. I've played KRMN's a couple of times and I had a blast but I don't know if it'd be worth it for me to get one. Am I just rambling on? Yeah, I think so...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Don't Get It

Since when does buying things you can afford equal pretension? Just because I splurged on a gorgeous watch (bag, shoe, whatever) that I feel I deserve doesn't mean I'm a bad human being. I work hard and I feel like I deserve something nice. What's wrong with that?

I like nice things. I buy nice things. I can afford the nice things I buy. Is there something I'm missing?

Oh that's right, the starving kids in Africa, the tornado victims in the Midwest, the rising gas prices and impending recession...that's what's wrong. Should I feel guilty about buying my watch because people in other parts of the world are suffering? Shouldn't GWB (and all the other corrupt and greedy politicians) be blamed for that and not my incessant shopping habit? I donate to charitable organizations. Is that not enough anymore?

*Note to my regular readers: Sorry for this post. I know it's not in the tone of the rest of my blog.

Sample Sales - W/E 06/29/08

I received an email requesting sample sale information so I will try to post any information on sample sales, warehouse sales, multi-designer sales and any other sale I can get info on. Hope you use this info wisely.

What: Tricot Showroom Sample Sale
Why: Spring stock and fall samples from Juliana Jabour, Les Prairies de Paris, Webster, Beckerman, Heidi Merrick, and Deere Colhoun all going for $15-$100.
When: Fri., 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Where: 860 S. Los Angeles St., b/t E. Eighth & E. Ninth Sts., ste. 612, Downtown (213-891-0663).

What: Edie-France Sample Sale
Why: Stock and samples from spring, summer, fall, and holiday collections priced $20-$150.
When: Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat., noon-6 p.m.
Where: 112 W. Ninth St., at S. Spring St., ste. 226, Downtown (213-622-9160).

What: Geren Ford Sample Sale
Why: Overstock and samples marked $10-$200 — that’s up to 90 percent off retail.
When: Fri., 3:30-6:30 p.m.; Sat., noon-4 p.m.
When: 453 S. Spring St., b/t W. Fourth & W. Fifth Sts., ste. 820, Downtown. Info at

What: Noetic Showroom Sample Sale
Why: Dear Pruitt, Fleur Wood, Lily McNeal, Little McNeal, ParkVogel, Kerry Cassill, and others priced wholesale and below.
When: Thurs. & Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 860 S. Los Angeles St., b/t E. Eighth & E. Ninth Sts., ste. 415, Downtown. Cash and check only.

What: Rec Center Sample Sale
Why: Spring samples and overstock from Rhys Dwfen, Guy Baxter, Jenny Han, and Crispin & Basilio from $20.
When: Fri., 2-7 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Where: Rec Center Studio, 1161 Logan St., b/t W. Sunset Blvd. & Park Ave., Echo Park.

What: Multidesigner Sample Sale
Why: Peonie swimwear ($35-$60), Deadly Truth Denim ($100), and Shelly Litvak handbags and jewelry at 70-90 percent off retail.
When: Fri. (by appt. only), 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun., noon-4 p.m.
Where: 941 N. Harper Ave., b/t Romaine St. & Willoughby Ave., W. Hollywood (323-848-6909). R.S.V.P. to for Fri. Cash and check only.

More sales:

The LF Warehouse sale is on 6/27 (11am-6pm)-6/28 (7am-3pm). Save 70%-90% on last seasons/ last years women's designer duds at this killer sale. Tees are $8 that normally sell at $45-$88, dresses are $18-$24, Shoes are only $15 that retail from $65-$240. 5333 McConnell Ave., Los Angeles CA 90066. 310.437.4100. Cash /CC only

The Flux Nouveau Warehouse Sale is on Saturday 6/28 (10am-4pm) Save 50%-80% on comfy knit tees, tunics, dresses, jackets and more for guys and gals. Tanks and beaters that retail for $28 are on sale at 3 for $15! Edgy tees that sell for $30-$35 in stores are here at 3 for $20! Dresses that retail at $75 are just 3 for $40! Cool Bomber jackets that go for $150-$189 are 3 for $70! Men’s v-neck and crew neck tees are also here at the same rock bottom prices. 4350 South Main St., Los Angeles, 90037. 323.231.8988. CASH only!

Saint Grace is opening up their warehouse again for another Sample Sale on 6/27 (10am-5pm)-6/28 (10am-3pm). Save 65%-90% on young women's contemporary apparel in tees, tops, capri's, trousers, dresses and more. 2222 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles 90021. Cash.

The Warehouse Sale is back at the LA Convention Center on Saturday 6/28 (rsvp VIP, 10am-5pm) - Sunday 6/29 (public sale,10am-5pm). Save 40%-80% on sought after designer denim jeans, tops, tees, dresses, jackets and more for guys and gals. Petree Hall, 1201 South Figueroa, Los Angeles 90015. Cash/ CC only.

Even More Sales:

What: The Shopaholic Girls Summer Sample Sale
When: 6/28 - 6/29 9am-7pm
Where: LA Convention Center, West Hall, Suite 512
Note: Cash Only

Monday, June 23, 2008

LV Limelight Clutch

I saw SATC over the weekend and I can't believe I left the theater pining for the LV Limelight Clutch. Me, of all people!!! You all know I'm not a fan of LV which is why it is so funny and ironic that I am here right now pining for one...and one that's not even available anymore since it was part of the F/W 07 collection. I'm secretly hoping that it'll be available this Fall. I was THIS close to calling the LV boutiques in Paris the other night. *Sigh*

But like I said, I'll be good and NOT buy anything for the rest of the year. JJ's not happy but I gotta be good to my pocketbook...which is why I'm glad that this clutch is not available. Or is it? I guess I have to wait and see when the fall merchandise trickles into stores (which is any time now).

**Note on the movie: I was never a fan of the series. I probably saw 5 episodes total of the 6 seasons. I saw the movie because my mom wanted to see (and she's never really watched the series either). I have to say that it's a good chick-bonding flick and I have to admit I paid more attention to the eye candy than to the actual plot. There were a few things in the movie that I wouldn't mind having. That said, the blatant product placement was hard to ignore hence me pining for a last season clutch. Would I watch it again? Yes, just so I can see which bags/shoes/clothes I overlooked or I could spare myself the 1.5 hours (or however long the movie was) and just buy the book. It has ALL the stuff that's in the movie.


Too many good things happened this weekend so I'll boil it down to my biggest very own Roadster!!!

NOT THIS ONE. Hahahaha...I WISH. No, no, no... I don't think those are even available yet although they are very pretty and apparently very green (not the color obviously). No, I got one that's slightly smaller and slightly less expensive. Ready?

Recognize the box? Hmmm...let me tell you the story behind this purchase. Maybe not as I'm too lazy. All I can say is I did my mom proud...

Isn't she gorgeous? Just like me...HAHAHA...


It's time to reinstate the shopping ban and actually take it seriously. Like I seriously can't have any huge purchases until the end of the year (with the exception of my birthday but even that is questionable at this point). *Sigh* I REALLY need to get it together this time. The biggest purchase of my life is just around the corner and I can't afford to f* up.

Attention Tiffany Lovers...

I was at Tiffany yesterday and I was told that prices are going up in August. Hurry your cute little butts to Tiffany and buy that piece before it gets more expensive!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Highly Indulgent Weekend

To be continued....
To tired to post about was THAT indulgent.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Marchesa Ruffles

Earlier this evening, I was watching last week's So You Think You Can Dance Results Show (Tivo-ed) and I see Cat Deeley wearing this:

Look familiar? It's the mini version of the Marchesa gown I wanted to wear to my future imagined wedding! I first recognized the ruffles because they look so distinctly Marchesa. A few more minutes into the show I had to pause it and go online. Lo and behold, I find this:

The black version of Cat Deeley's dress. This was the dress that was part of Marchesa's F/W 2008. I guess it's available in more than one color. My future wedding gown is also available in another color as worn by Eva Langoria below. LOVE the color but I'm not sure I like the dress as much now that I see it on a celebrity.

Chip & Pepper Stella Boot Cut Jean

Due in part to my frustration at the lack of shopping in Chicago, I went back to my old shopping. Although I really don't need another pair of jeans, I ended up buying these. They're 50% off but then again, I really don't need another pair. Oh well, that's what happens when I get frustrated from lack of shopping. I end up buying stuff I don't need. Come to think of it, I really don't need most of the stuff I buy. I just like having a lot of stuff. Isn't that sad? I really should save my money for my future house.

Anyway, back to the jeans. I am not that fond of the skinny jean and the boot cut style has always been flattering on me. It fits close to the body but has some room in the leg for my shoes. I hate it when my jeans don't cover my shoes...just one of those inexplicable fashion pet peeves.

Since I'm pretty short and almost always wear heels, all my jeans are hemmed to accommodate the heel height. Do I wear these jeans with flats? I can and I sometimes do. Do I have jeans that are worn exclusively with flats (sandals, sneakers, boots)? Most certainly. Since these jeans are hemmed shorter than my average pair, these are my more casual jeans. If you have a pair that you love, buy two pairs and wear one with heels and one with flats. There's nothing more unattractive than a short pair of jeans with heels. Well, maybe jeans that are too long worn with pants.

*Note: These should have really been two separate posts. Sorry if I sort of smushed them into one.

**Another Note: I love that word "smushed". Lol.

Vince Tie Neck Top

I'm back from my long weekend in Chicago. As much as I love going away on trips, there's no place like home. I missed my dog, I missed my apartment, I missed my friends and I missed my blog.

Okay, now that the sappy part is over it's time for the rants. I really liked Chicago except for the shopping. Well, it's not really the shopping. It's actually the sales tax. Sales tax in Los Angeles is already ridiculous at 8.25% and Chicago's is even higher!!! I was so disappointed because I thought I could score some deals but I ended up being the tightwad. I think I ended up spending less than $200 on shopping. Imagine that! I did score the aforementioned top though...the Vince Tie Neck Top. It's nothing much but I've been eyeing it from Shopbop for a while so when I saw it at Saks on sale in my size, I decided to get it. I wasn't about to come back empty handed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coming soon...

More posts! Yay!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 2008 Wedding Season

Wedding season always gets me thinking about my future wedding. As with everything in my life, my dream wedding changes every single year. Usually it depends on my mood. Sometimes it has to do with the guy I am dating. Whatever the case may be, I totally think that the wedding gown sets the mood for the entire wedding. I've always imagine myself in a long gown with a sheath or mermaid silhouette. I'm not your ball gown type of girl but how hot would it be if I showed up to my wedding in this:

Pretty freakin' hot!!! I love the cascading ruffles, so romantic and frilly. I can totally picture the entire wedding already. The flowers, the music, the food....*sigh* (not the groom, never the groom). This dress will probably eat up someone's entire wedding budget and it will totally not be practical for my wedding since I'm planning at least 2 or 3 outfit changes (LMAO).

This lovely confection is from Marchesa's F/W 2008 collection. Photo from

Christian Louboutin Insectika Platform Sandals

Just because I'm on shopping probation does not mean I can't browse. Pure torture, I know. Anyway, one of my favorite pastimes is browsing the net for Christian Louboutin shoes (can you say "shallow", lol). My first stop is usually Saks or Barneys since they have a lot more to choose from (and drool over). I don't think there is a sexier black shoe than one from Mr. Louboutin himself. The black leather and the red sole is just genius!

I'm not too sure about the name of this new shoe (available at Saks for pre-order, $695) but I am in total LUST with them.

I love the detail on the back of the heel. Details are usually lost on anything black but somehow the heel details are not lost on this shoe. Heel architecture was a big thing this past few seasons but Mr. Louboutin doesn't go over the top with these(hello Prada and Miu Miu). The subtlety of the details are what makes his designs top notch (in my book). He doesn't need to add 10 million embellishments to sell as shoe. Mr. Louboutin understands that sometimes subtlety is the key to sexy.

**Note: Still debating whether I should pre-order these or if I should get the Architeks that I've wanted for a while. Decisions, decisions.

Monday, June 09, 2008

iPhone 3G

The new and (hopefully) improved iPhone is coming. July 11th to be exact. It's pretty exciting since I've been anticipating the release of the second generation of iPhones since the first ones came out. Why? Well, the first batch is always the test batch. A lot of new technology so there's also a lot of kinks to work out. Now that Apple has (hopefully) fixed the kinks and increased the speed, it should be worth it...especially since the second generation is cheaper. If that's not a good enough reason to check it out, I don't know what it.

*Note: I am perfectly happy with my Blackberry Curve. I am merely writing about the new iPhone since I know quite a few people who have been anticipating the release of the newer version (not that they'd ever give up their Blackberrys(or is it -ies like the fruit?) either).

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

I actually wasn't planning on going. I mentioned earlier this week that I wanted to lay low this weekend since I'm going to Chicago next weekend. JG talked me into going, if only to get her a purse for her birthday. I knew I shouldn't have gone. I always end up spending WAY more than I intended. In this case, I actually ended spending way too much since I wasn't even supposed to buy anything. What happened to the newly reinstated shopping probation?

The sale started at 10am. I was planning on getting there early because I know how handbag sample sales get but I was up late the night before and I didn't get up early enough. I got to the sale around noon. I was surprised that there were only 2 other girls there when I arrived. I was told that the madness was over. Apparently some girls lined up since 6am!!! That's probably why the selection was pretty slim around noon. "Pretty slim" translates to an entire table of Morning Afters and Morning After Minis, a small table with clutches, and a small table with an assortment of Markets, Nikkis, Matinees, Dreams and Steadys. JG wanted the Market in Chestnut or Black. I was hoping for a Deep Purple Morning After Mini. We're both out of luck since the only Market available was a White Patent one and the only Morning After Minis available were White, Blue Mesh, Chestnut (only one which SY was carrying around with her), and Jade Basketweave. I toyed around with the idea of a Nikki but the handle was too short for me. Since I was really there for JG, I contemplated getting her the White Patent Market but something else caught my eye. There was a bag tagged "One of A Kind" which strongly resembled the Market. It's a seafoam green color which (in my opinion) is SOO much cuter than the white patent version. After agonizing about it for 30 seconds, I decided to go for it. Worst case, if she doesn't like it, I get to keep it!!! Yay! I love a win-win situation. I still wish I could've gotten there earlier to grab a Dusty Market but I'm happy with the ones I ended up with.

Cream w/ Brown Basketweave Morning After - I'm contemplating on giving this to my mom.
**Update: I've been informed that this purse is actually Cream w/ Brown WICKER (not Basketweave). I've also given it to my mom.

White Morning After Mini for ME!!!! I still want the purple but this will work for the summer. Can't wait to break it in!

Lex Clutch in Ocean for ME! I still need a black clutch. I was hoping they had the Date Clutch in black but they didn't.

Happy Birthday JG. Hope you like your "One of A Kind" Market.

On a side note, Rebecca and friends were SUPER sweet. My clutch didn't come with a chain although others did. When I came back (a misunderstanding), they gave it to me. Yay! Thanks again RM for not canceling the LA sample sale!

What The Fug...Goyard Handbags

Okay, where do I start? I really don't understand the fascination with logos. I might've mentioned this before but I really, I DESPISE logos. It's tacky, tacky, tacky. To me, nothing screams "I'm trying too hard" more than a monogrammed purse/shoe/ name it. Wait, I take that back. Nothing screams "I'm trying too hard" more than monogrammed coated canvas!!!

I understand that Goyard has been around for ages. That does not mean that it's designed well. History does not equate to stylish, I'm afraid. It took someone like Tomas Meier to bring Bottega Veneta back from the ashes. What does it take for Goyard to do the same? I don't know, a fairy godmother? I guess it's okay if the bags are at least well designed (not really, but I'll give you guys that at the VERY least). I mean, I am not a fan of Louis Vuitton but at least SOME of their pieces are interesting. Goyard handbags are not only FUGLY, their flimsy to boot. Why someone would pay almost $1000 for something that looks like a Whole Foods shopping bag is beyond me. And quite frankly, I prefer the Whole Foods shopping bag.

So seriously gals, what the fug?

**Note: I am not the only one that feels this way about Goyard. The ultimate experts (IMO) in all things handbags feel the same.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shopping Probation Reinstated

Hello everyone! I'm back! And yes, I am reinstating the shopping probation. Well, temporarily. I'm going to Chicago next week so I'll probably do some damage there but until then I am on another probation (I know, a week doesn't really count). Why another shopping ban, you ask? Well, because this is what happened last weekend when I took a quick study break to relieve some stress:

I think that's enough of a reason to reinstate the shopping ban, right? Like I said, I'm not promising anything but then again vacations don't really count (right?).

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ruffles Galore

Ever since I saw JJ with her ruffle top, I've been thinking and seeing and appreciating ruffles (on shirts anyway). I always thought ruffles are too voluminous a detail for me and goodness knows I don't want to add any volume to my frame but something about them is just so feminine and innocent. Oh how I could pull off some of these tops...

(L-R Robert Rodriguez - $286, Jill Stuart - $328, Binetti - $389; available from Shopbop)

Here are some more ruffled confections from F/W 2008 collections:

Richard Chai

Behnaz Sarafpour


F/W 2008 collection photos from

*Note: I really should be studying. I'm not officially back until Wednesday so hang tight people.