Thursday, January 27, 2011


I finally got lucky and got a snow day.  Perfect time too coz I have so much due - tuition payment, care plan, etc.  So what to do?  Work on all of them and treat my doggie to a walk in the park, of course!!

Some pics of the snow:
Doozy is as tall as the depth of the snow!
And now he's pooped!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Dresses that Aren't

A friend is getting married this year in August and she asked me to go to Kleinfeld with her to try on wedding dresses.  Who am I to say no, right?  If you've ever seen an episode of 'Say Yes to the Dress', you wouldn't her down either.  Kleinfeld is like THE place to find a wedding dress.  Unfortunately not for my friend.  She tried on a few dresses and we liked 2.  If the service was better, she might have been inclined to purchase but it was shoddy at best.  Really unfortunate.

In the light of shoddy service, I decided to find some dresses online for her.  Just because it's not from a wedding dress place does not mean it's not one.  So here we go...

1. Alexander McQueen Embellished Gown, GBP 8970

 I think this is more my style, to be honest.  But isn't it gorgeous???

2. Alberta Ferretti Draped Gown, GBP 2195
So romantic with a little bit of Greek goddess thrown in...

3. Rachel Gilbert Tiered Gown, GBP 1173
For those who want a more fairytale twist...

4. ADAM Tiered Strapless Dress, GBP 345
A little bit more casual...perfect for a beach or destination wedding.

5. Halston Heritage Metallic Silk-Plisse Gown, GBP 730
Simple and elegant.

All images from NAP UK.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Donut Plant Chelsea - Coming Soon!

Yay! I haven't even been to the original one but I walked by the new Chelsea location that's opening soon and I just got so excited!!  Maybe I'll get to try it soon.  xoxo

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I found this in my email was sent April 2010.  Lol, sorry Eddie...I hardly check my yahoo mail account anymore.  How cute is this doodle?  Looks to me like the YSL Tribtoos.  xoxo

Apps for your Mac

Just the other day, I was wondering why I can't use my iPhone apps on my Mac.  If I read my emails regularly like I should, I would've realized that apps for my Mac are now available.  The software upgrade was actually downloaded some time last week but I hardly ever pay attention to what I'm upgrading.  Additionally, I've already downloaded the Kindle app and have even added books to it!

Yes, I'm absent-minded sometimes.  Chalk it up to being to busy to stop and think about things.  Or maybe I'm just absent-minded.  Ok, time to look for apps.  xoxo

ps.  Angry Birds on the Mac!  Can I get an "Amen"?!?!?!

Leica M9

So pretty, but oh so out of reach... read all about why here.

For now, I'll just play with my Holga (thanks James!).  xoxo

Saturday Fun Day

I wish I took pictures today.  Anyway...

The day started with a text from Courtney and me almost flaking.  Thank goodness she talked (texted) me into going because it was a fun day.  We met up at Russ and Daughters and bought sandwiches.  This time I opted to get the same thing Court - gaspe nova smoked salmon, caviar cream cheese and red onions (we got it on different types of bread).

What I almost missed out on

Since Russ has no seating, Court suggested her favorite coffee shop across the street - Bluebird Coffee Shop.  She swears by their coffee so I decided to give it a whirl.  The place is incredibly teeny and they were packed so we got out coffees to go.  Oh, and yeah, their coffee was really good.

Actual size - and I'm not kidding :p

Armed with sandwiches and coffees with nowhere to go, Court and I wandered aimlessly and I remembered the indoor park she emailed me about.  Checked my phone for the address and we headed there straight away.

Bright and warm park on a cold NYC day

The park was a good call.  It's actually a gallery space where a pop-up park is housed all of January - perfect way to stay warm.  Court and I found a spot to eat and chat uninterrupted.  Enjoying our sandwiches and coffees in the warmth of the gallery space.

We ended the day by walking around LoDo (SoHo, inside joke...sorry), occasionally stopping in random stores and complain about being broke students.

Hope you had a good day.  xoxo

Friday, January 07, 2011


That's all.  xoxo