Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bottega Veneta Trunk Show

I accompanied JJ to the Spring trunk show at Bottega in Beverly Hills last Saturday. Although I appreciate the workmanship that goes into Bottega pieces, their pieces are too serious for me. I tend to think that little whimsical details add to the character of any piece whether it's a purse, clothing or shoes. Suprise, surprise...Bottega's got me doing a double-take of their Spring line.

When we arrived at the store, we were ushered by JJ's SA into the back to look at the Spring collection. JJ and I were treated to a vision of orange. The purses came in all shades from a yellow orange to a bright copper.

This dress was my favorite of all the clothing from the Spring line. I love the loose draping details around the bust. The color is also a great neutral although I forgot what the print was. i think they were little flowers to match theembroidered flowers on the purse that the model is carrying.

This purse is Bottega's Montaigne in woven ostrich! Do I really need to expound? *Sigh* It was like touching a piece of art. Soft, buttery ostrich leather...a handwoven masterpiece. JJ's heart must have been racing (she loves ostrich). Available for pre-order, $7995.

My favorite purse was this hobo. Hobos (or anything remotely Bohemian) aren't really Bottega's style so I was pleasantly surprised when the SA brought this to us. The woven material blends seamlessly into the rich leather. This purse was hand-distressed and you can see the quality of the craftsmanship upon closer inspection. I almost ordered this purse but I figure the color is a little out there for me. It's a copper color and the distress marks are black and green. I'm still debating whether this is a keeper or just an impulse "want". Available for pre-order, $2480.

Photos courtesy of Style.com

Lauren Conrad Sophie Dress

I'm not a fan of Lauren Conrad or The Hills so when Lauren started her clothing line, I paid it no mind. I see her stuff on Shopbop once in a while and it's nothing mind-blowing. I think it's geared toward the Forever 21 crowd.

Yesterday, I was browsing the sale selections at Shopbop and I saw this dress. I think it's really cute. Very summer-y (yes we are suffering from a heatwave here in SoCal), very laid-back...perfect for LA. I was surprised that it's from Lauren's clothing line. I think the dress is a perfect balance of innocence and sex appeal. And all my friends know that I have a penchant for anything short. Needless to say, this has my name written all over it. Unfortunately, it's not available in my size. So, all you lucky girls who are a M or a L, grab this dress from Shopbop. It's on sale for only $89.40!!!


I was watching Gossip Girl last night and the last 10 minutes (or so) of the show literally made my mouth drop. A serious "WTF" moment...

So, who is Nate Archibald kissing this time?

Well, well, well...if it isn't little Jenny Humphrey. Euw.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Lace-Up Boots

I think I've mentioned my fondness for lists once before. Now that my birthday and Christmas are nearing, it's time to update my wish/shopping lists!!! These lists are for me to fulfill, by the way. I am not, by any means, expecting anyone but me to buy anything on this list (especially since most of these cost a pretty penny). And just because it's on my list does not mean it gets fulfilled. Some of the items on my list have been there for a while.

Anyway, I've been really wanting lace-up boots with heels lately. I still haven't really found the "right" pair although these are pretty damn close:

Givenchy Lace Up Wedge Boot, at Shopbop for $1225

I love how it's sort of like Mad Max meets the Wicked Witch of the West. It has that old granny boot feel yet it looks so "of-the-moment". Although it doesn't get cold enough in LA to warrant owning a lot of boots, these are almost a must-have. Givenchy has been turning out some cute shoes for these past few seasons. Impressive.

LD Tuttle The Bard, at Oak NYC for $692

You all know I love me some flat boots. These are no different. I love the tough vibe that these boots give out. Very adrogynous... With a mini, a plaid shirt and a leather jacket, I could be channeling Emmanuele Alt. I think I can make room in my closet for another pair of flat boots, expecially if they're as cool as these.

Last Shoe Purchase

Yes, after 3 LONG months, the ticker at the bottom of my blog has finally been updated. My long wish list finally has 1 item checked off.

JJ told me that I have the most specific wish list of anyone she's ever met. She said that I usually hone in on one specific item and obsess about it until I finally tick it off my list. Checking off an item off my list doesn't make my list any shorter because for every item checked off means there's room for one more item. Greedy, I know. But for now I'm satisfied with my new purchase...

I've been needing brown pumps for a while and after searching high and low, I finally settled with the L.A.M.B. Finsbury Crisscross Mary-Janes. I love the heel height! It seems a little uncomfortable but it should feel fine after it's been broken in. I also like that it's not my usual pointy toe pump. Almost all my pumps are pointy toe and it's nice to have something new to add to the closet. These shoes are really sexy. I can't wait to wear them!

More pics:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dressing Up, Dressing Down

I had a conversation with JJ yesterday about dressing up for work. Because of the current state of the economy and the real estate market, our office is downsizing. I'm pretty sure that along with the employees that are being downsized, our corporate dress code and image are going as well. I told JJ about a dress I wanted but since we won't have to "dress up" for work soon, I feel like I didn't need to buy it. She told me that if I like the dress, I should just buy it and just because people aren't "dressing up" doesn't mean I have to "dress down".

She brings up a great point. In most women studies classes, it has been brought up that women dress for other women. JJ said that she wears what she wears because it makes her feel good. I wear what I wear depending on my mood, where I'm going, who I'm seeing. I guess I like to complicate my choices. It's no wonder it takes me almost an hour to get ready in the morning. Back to my point, I guess I have to learn to dress for me. When I was younger, I went to a Catholic school where we wore uniforms and makeup wasn't allowed. I was brought up in a fairly conservative environment where I wasn't allowed to really nurture my "girly" side. I didn't really wear makeup until college and to this day, I still feel a little guilty if I'm dressed better than someone else in the room. It is empowering to know that you look good, but my upbringing dictates otherwise.

Deciding to dress for me will likely alter the way I shop. I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. I have to take school into consideration too. If I keep buying clothes/shoes/purses that I like and feel good in, how will school affect that? See what I mean about complicating my choices? There's always something else...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've Seen These Before...

I was reading NG's blog and she posted about how much she adores these Aldo Boots, the Spana.

Spana, $120. Available at Aldo.

Do you see it too? I instantly recognized them as soon I saw them - Givenchy knock-offs. I guess in the current state of the economy, it benefits mass retailers to sell knock offs. It's sad that this doesn't get monitored or regulated. It allows mass retailers to take advantage of the designs created by style geniuses. Corporate greed goes beyond Wall St.

Givenchy Peep-Toe Wedge Angle Bootie, $1250. Available at Barneys.

Photos courtesy of Aldo and Style.com.

Project Runway...Why Kenley Didn't Win

Not that I'm sad Kenley lost, I'm actually elated. Well, not elated but satisfied of the judge's decision. Why? Let me count the ways:

1.) Attitude. Severely disrespecting Tim Gunn is a no-no. Who does she think she is? I guess losing is her comeuppance.

2.) Copycat. If you're going to be in fashion, you better know what other designers are putting out there so you won't be labeled a copycat. I guess it's one thing to produce a knock-off and it's another thing to take credit for someone else's vision. She might not have done it deliberately but she's still unapologetic about it even though it's pretty clear that her designs aren't that far off from ones that have already walked the runway.

Exhibit A:

(L-R Kenley, Balenciaga Spring 2008 RTW)

Exhibit B:

(L-R Kenley, Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 RTW)

Kenley needs to learn some humility and respect to earn the respect of others. She needs to study her fashion history. And she definitely needs an attitude adjustment because no one will want to work with her if she keeps acting that way.

Photos courtesy of Bravo and Style.com.

Spotted...ANTM alumni on Proj Runway Finale

I spotted 3 ANTM alums on Project Runway's finale.

ANTM Cycle 4 winner, Naima, was spotted during the model casting. She was not chosen.

ANTM Cycle 6 winner, Danielle, seen on Korto's runway show. She looks skinnier.

ANTM Cycle 9 contestant, Bianca, seen on Korto's runway show. She looks much better now than she did when she was on ANTM. Could be coz she wasn't talking...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Paris Fashion Week

I wanted to call this post "Fall Fashion Inspiration" but seeing as it's a little late for that I decided to go with "Paris Fashion Week" since the pictures below were snapped at that event even though I will be talking about my fashion inspirations for this fall season. Confused yet? Me too.

1. A little rock n roll goes a long way
If I have a choice, I'd dress like this every day. I love the combination of rock and roll and grunge without running the risk of looking like you tried too hard. The unfussy hair and the flannel shirt give the outfit a laid-back feel while the boots and the skinny jeans add a touch of sophistication.

2. A pop of color

I love the unexpected pop of mustard in this outfit. Most people tend to go with rich and dark hues when it starts getting cold. The pop of mustard is like a little ray of sunshine. Yellows are not just for summer people.

3. A statement piece

I la-la-love this coat. One statement piece is enough to draw attention. You can do it with a piece of jewelry, a funky shoe, or in this case, a cool assymetrical jacket. The beauty of this piece is that it draws the eye with its shape, not because it's overly embellished or plastered with logos. Note how she wore a muted color palette so the coat stand out even more...tres chic!

Photos courtesy of Jak and Jil.