Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BUT if I wasn't on a Shopping Hiatus...

Of course, just because I'm banning myself from buying anything frivolous, I still like to browse the web for things I'd like to have were I not on hiatus. Here's my top 3 (not in any particular order):

CL Python Pumps - because, well, just because...too bad they're not available in CA. Plus, I really need more closed-toe shoes. I was telling JJ that most of my shoes (75% at the very least) are open-toe.

J Brand Skinny Jeans - because I love jeans and I'd live in them if I can (I probably have too many already but one can never have enough).

Elizabeth & James Eva Dress - because I love it's perfectly cute and girly. Everyone who knows me knows my preferred hemline as well.

Shopping Hiatus

I'm on another shopping hiatus (or ban, what have you)...apart from my new TV and furniture that is. According to my Chinese horoscope, this is not a good year for me to spend money. I'm going to try my hardest to save (and not shop). I'm not saying I'm not buying anything AT ALL. It's more like, no big-ticket items this year....again, apart from my TV and furniture. Wish me luck!!!

America Ferrara

OMG, how skinny is she?!?!? I'm used to seeing her in Ugly Betty so imagine my shock when I saw this pic. She's almost light years away from her "Real Women Have Curves" days.

Pic from InStyle.com

Monday, January 12, 2009

What do you do when...?

you've been looking everywhere for the perfect gray suede boots and you find out that the Prada Zip-Up Suede boots you've been eyeing since they came out last year are now available in your size, in the color you want and for 60% off while you're on a shopping ban??? Seriously, what do you do? I'm at a loss. I should've never gone on BNY's website. What should I do???

camilla and marc Betty Frock

I haven't really been blogging lately because:

1.) I've been on a fashion shopping ban
2.) I gave my camera to my younger brother (I received my new one last week)
3.) I haven't found anything inspiring

Until this dress! I love the sweet yet flirty details of this dress. The details offer a sweet school girl sensibility with a twist. I'm not usually one who likes white dresses for fear of looking too bridal but this one is too gorgeous to pass up. However, with the current state of the economy, it doesn't seem prudent to lust after expensive dresses no matter how beautiful they are.

Coming soon at Shopbop for $750.