Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a great new year's celebration!  I am going to be spending New Year's with my family and will be cooking part of dinner - mainly prime rib and baked spaghetti. 

Some changes to this blog in the new year - as I have not been shopping as much owing to becoming a full-fledged student again, you won't see as much purchase-related posts as before.  I'll try to post some outfit ones when I can but that might be few and far between as well.  Some new posts you might see - I'm still dabbling but you might see some cooking/baking related ones, book and cookbook reviews, maybe some movie reviews.  I guess the new posts will depend on what I have going on and how busy I am going to be.

Here's to an amazing and prosperous 2012!  May we all achieve everything we are working towards and may our lives be filled with love and happiness!  Cheers!