Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, my birthday is still months away but since it's a big one, I've been thinking about presents for myself. I think I've mentioned before that I planned on getting a Chanel purse for my birthday.
I thought (and still think) that it's a great birthday present. It's timeless and classic. BUT, I'm not that big on purses and most likely, I'll move on to the next one after a month or so. Not really a great present if I'm only going to enjoy it for a month or so, right?

So, I thought about jewelry from Tiffany....stackable rings to be exact.

Don't they look yummy? Like yummy candy? Yummy candy for my fingers! As much as I love rings, I'm really not that big on jewelry. I even forgot that I bought a ring from Hawaii last year, although I did buy a new one from Cancun (hehe). Anyway, it really doesn't make sense for me to buy jewelry since I really don't wear it. Plus, I'm back in school so jewelry is a no-no especially with lab classes.

So what did I decide to get myself? Why another trip, of course! This time, I'm going to...

TOKYO! YAY! I'll be in Tokyo for 12 days with my lucky brother, James. Yay! Happy birthday to me!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gucci New Large Jackie Guccissima Shoulder Bag

I've never been particularly drawn to Gucci bags but this one immediately caught my eye. Granted it could've been because of the beautiful gray color (have I mentioned how much I love gray?)

This is my favorite of all the Gucci bag silhouettes. The shape is pretty classic and the size is quite practical as well. Having said that, I also like the extra embellishments such as the hand-stitching details and the detachable strap (although not so much a fan of the tassle). I'm also still not a fan of the logos but they're pretty understated IRL that it's easy enough to ignore.

The only problem I have with this bag...the price tag. As pretty as this bag is, I don't think it has enough oomph to command a $3,000+ price tag, especially in this economy.


I'm gone for a couple weeks and what kind of fugliness greets me? The expensive yet trash-y kind, that's what. It really baffles me (and breaks my heart) when brilliant designers (such as Msr. Louboutin) give us something like this:

I think this shoe needs an editor's touch. Everything seems to have been thrown on this shoe except the kitchen sink. *Shaking head* I really don't know what to make of this except that it could've been an error of judgment.

Now this shoe just looks sad. Is it just me or do you also get a little bit depressed at the look of this shoe? It looks so depressing that I probably won't even wear it to a funeral because it might just upset the mourners even more!

This one makes me laugh (in a sad kind of way). It's like a Tom's shoe gone S&M in a bad way. Where does one even wear this to? Um, yeah. I'm kinda at a loss for words on this one.

As much as I think these shoes are FUG, the sad reality is that someone will think that they are cute and shell out the $800+ dollars for these. *Sigh* Capitalism at its best. :)

I'm Back!!!

After quite a long break and hardly any posts for this month, I'm back and ready to blog!

My last week at work was extremely busy and add to that stress, getting ready to leave for a weeklong was chaos. Cancun was a much needed break. I kept on wishing the week would last longer.

But now I'm back in LA and back in school. It's quite an adjustment but I kinda like it. For now. Let's see how I feel when it's time to pay bills. Lol.

Anyway, I've missed blogging but I've stuck to my quitting-my-job ban. I actually haven't bought anything AND I've returned 2 pairs of shoes and will be returning another pair!!! I'm proud of me. HAHAHA.

I'll be posting my sale finds (from beginning of June - sorry for the delay) soon so stay tuned!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hot Pink Surprise

Remember when I posted about my outfit for my aunt's wedding about a month ago? (In case you don't, you can click here.) Well, I finally found the time to post the outfit pic I promised:


Dress: Madison Marcus
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Clutch: Lauren Merkin
Watch: Cartier
Bracelet: No idea - from Nordstrom

Yes, I changed my mind about which dress to wear the very last in 10 minutes before we had to leave!!! Even the bride was surprised, lol. Oh, and of course, I had to take a completely gratuitous close-up of my shoes because they're gorgeous: