Thursday, January 31, 2008

Overworked (and Underpaid?)

I've been extremely busy these past couple of weeks at work that I've hardly had time to blog. Our entire accounting department quit last week (yes, both of them) without any notice and I've had to pick up the slack. It's been extremely frustrating since we're using a new accounting software (which is so not user-friendly) and I've been out of the loop on anything remotely connected to the accounting department. We've hired a temp to help us in the interim but he doesn't know the software either. I've had to "train" him and it's like the blind leading the blind.

On top of all that, I still have to do my work. I hope they don't ask me to come in this weekend. I've had the sniffles for a while and my boss practically shoved Airborne down my throat so I wouldn't get sick. I'm not "allowed" to call in sick in the next few weeks until the accounting department is up and running. Isn't life great? I hope they remember all this when bonus time comes around.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Brian Reyes

Relatively young but already gaining himself a celebrity following, Brian Reyes is a self-taught designer who gained his experience working for Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta. He left Oscar de la Renta at the age of 24 to strike out on his own.

Spring 2006 was his first collection to be shown since going solo. Although his first collection was mixed reviews, he won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award in 2006. This award is the equivalent of Best New Artist for the Grammy's. Past recipients for this award includes Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen.

The dresses below are part of Reyes' 2007 Spring collection. I love the details that make each of these dresses special. The Ruffle Wrap Dress (left) is quirky and sexy. The semi-sheer silk dress gives the dress a flirty appeal and the ruffles give it a hint of romance. The Strapless Wrap Dress (right), with its tight bodice and a slightly voluminous skirt, is sophisticated and utterly feminine. The details on the back of the dress (not shown here) gives the dress a little bit of edge that I almost mistook it for a L.A.M.B. dress.

(Both dresses are 50% off at Shopbop. L-R $1,017.50, $1,532.50)

Photo of Brian Reyes courtesy of Olympus Fashion Week website.
Photo of dresses courtesy of

Project Runway Episode 9: Even Designers Get the Blues

I don't usually do recaps but last Wednesday's episode (which I watched last night) of Project Runway was pretty cool to pass up. This week, the contestants had 12 hours to create an iconic look from old Levi's 501s and Levi's Trucker Jackets.

Surprise, surprise...Ricky actually won a challenge. Although, he's not my favorite designer he actually turned out a cute dress for the challenge.

Of all the designs last night, I actually favored Rami's (big surprise there). His denim look is utterly chic and sophisticated. I love the assymetrical collar and although the zipper detail reminds me too much of Jeffrey from last season, I actually don't mind it.

Oh, and I am SOOO happy that Victorya's finally gone. Her designs were always poor-fitting and crappy-looking. I know Ricky just won a challenge but I hope he'll be the next to go. The crying is too annoying to bear.

Photos courtesy of Bravo TV.

David & Goliath...kidding!

Baby Version of David and Just kidding.

Maddy: Mmmm, is that food I see?

I might be slightly biased in saying so since these are the daughters of my two best friends, but I think these two are the cutest babies! Maddy is almost 7 months and growing so fast. Mya is only over a week old and I know she's already thinking of catching up to her Ate Maddy. Awww...aren't they just the cutest?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger - RIP

May your soul rest in peace.

It's always so sad when someone who is so young and so talented dies so young. My condolences to Heath's family and loved ones.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blackberry Curve 8310 in Red

OMG! I have been so excited about so many things that I forgot to blog about the thing that excited me the most! Huh? What was that again? Lol. Anyway, I finally received my Blackberry! I ordered it through Amazon on January 9th and I received it last Friday, the 18th! Doesn't it look pretty? I'm still getting used to texting with a QWERTY keypad but I think I'll get there. It's not as easy and not recommended when driving. But, yay! I have a new toy to play with!

CL Botte Flat Boots

This is the inspiration for my flat boot purchase. Naturally, this pair is more expensive than my purchase (which totally justifies my buy...sweet!). I bet the leather is more and supple softer making this boot more comfortable than the one I purchased. This boot also has a side zip and a square toe unlike the one I purchased. I'd like to say that I prefer the round toe of the Dolce Vitas but I would have loved if they were side zip as well. The side zip almost always ensures a better fit. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything.

Do I regret not getting this boot? Not really. At a sale price of $945 on Net-A-Porter, this boot is a little to hard on my wallet. If you really want to splurge, this is a good deal considering it's still regular price at Barney's.

It's weird because I don't like flats (I need the extra height boost) and yet I am strangely drawn to flat boots (I own at least 5 pairs).

Photo courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

Dolce Vita Tropez Flat Boot

Do I really need another pair of boots? Another pair of flat boots? Not really. But who can pass these up? These boots are a steal at $75! Admittedly, I only bought them because the original pair of shoes I really wanted to get were sold out when I checked yesterday morning. I was extremely pissed that I forgot to buy them over the weekend when I was busy salivating over Sushi Zo.

Anyway, these boots were sold out but then Shopbop must've gotten them back because surprisingly they were available in my size! I got these boots in a bluish gray color since I already have a pair of black flat boots. I can't wait to see them. I hope they're as cute and comfy as I imagine them to be.

Hurry on over to Shopbop to get a pair of these black boots in a size 7 or 8.5! These boots aren't going to last at $75!!!

Spring Blues

According to Pantone's Fashion Report for Spring 2008 (see snippet below), blue is the color of Spring. Bright blue shades have already started trickling in stores as we welcome the Spring season. A new color to liven up my wardrobe is definitely a welcome treat that I am looking forward to.

"Vibrant Snorkel Blue, a favorite this season among
designers, is your dependable navy but with more
animation and sophistication. Look for this cobalt-like
shade in many patterns and prints for spring."

Oh, if you're not familiar with Pantone, it is a think-tank based in New Jersey and it is the world-renowned authority on color. For fashion designers, they have a tool called Pantone View Colour Planner which is a "biannual trend forecasting tool that offers seasonal color direction and inspiration 24 months in advance." Pretty cool, huh?

You can visit Pantone's website for more information on their services.

Image courtesy of Shopbop.

Monday, January 21, 2008

CL Minibout Zep 942

I know I've mentioned a couple of times that I will not get another pair of CL's owing to the discomfort that they bestow on my poor, poor feet. However, I just couldn't resist admiring the Minibouts.

I noticed this shoe back in early December when they were first available at Saks. I thought the minute peep-toe is a little weird-looking. But when I saw these on Eva Mendes, I changed my mind. This pump is demure with only a hint (the perfect amount) of sexy. I love the little bit of red peeking through the front of the toe but I especially love the 4 ¾ in. heel. With my petite stature, I can't deny myself an extra boost of height.

When did Bush say we're going to get that tax rebate again?

Available at Saks for $760.

Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of the year again...the time to order your girl scout cookies!!! These cookies couldn't come at a worse time when I'm barely ridding myself of the holiday weight I've gained. but who could resist these treats sold by doe-eyed little girls? In my case, it's my little cousin Amanda trying to earn herself a Brownie patch. cute. No how am I supposed to be able to resist that?

Like the rest of America, my favorites are the Thin Mints. I can scarf down a whole box while watching an episode of Friends. Thin Mints are the biggest sellers, accounting for about 25% of all Girl Scout Cookies sold. The next biggest seller are KRMN's favorite, Samoas or Caramel deLites (the name depends on who the supplier is). Samoas are a little sweet for me so I tend to stick to my Thin Mints.

My cookies arrive in February. I'll be counting the days 'til then. Yum yum.

Sushi Zo

JJ had a sushi craving last Friday and told me she wanted to try a new place, Sushi Zo. I immediately googled it to read the reviews only to find out that this place is only a few blocks away from my place. I read a few more of the reviews and they were pretty solid. The only thing that was throwing me off was the $$$$ attached to this place. Some of the reviewers said that it cost about $50/person while others said it cost about $125/person. The disparity in the cost per person must have been from how much was consumed. Despite my initial reluctance, I decided to go with her. I love sushi and there's nothing better than the thrill of 'discovering' a new restaurant especially if it'll be as good as the reviews.

JJ made reservations for 7:30 and despite the proximity to my house, I was late (what else is new, right?). We were seated at the sushi bar. I immediately noticed how tiny this place was. My boss's office is probably bigger than this entire restaurant! I think the whole restaurant only sits 30 people. You're out of luck without a reservation as they actually turn people away when they are full. I also read reviews that the chef is a bit of a Sushi Nazi so JJ and I were on our guard.

Anyway, as soon as I was seated, a server approached me and asked if there was anything that I didn't eat (uni and anything chewy i.e. squid, octopus, etc). I took this to mean that JJ had already ordered the Omakase or Chef's Choice which means that the chef picks and chooses what to serve you. We started with an oyster appetizer. I've been wary of oysters since a bad one at Michael's (that made me vomit half way through the meal) but this was a tiny oyster and looked so yummy that I couldn't resist. I was right (oh how I love it when I'm right)! It was yummy! I could tell that the rest of the meal was going to be phenomenal judging by that one oyster bite.

We were served a bite of heaven, one after the other, with instructions, "No soy sauce" or "Use soy sauce". Some of the pieces already had a sauce that it didn't need extra soy sauce. The chef really wants his patrons to enjoy and savor the flavor of each fish that he serves. My favorites of the night were probably the toro, butterfish and albacore. The toro and butterfish literally melts in your month. Each bite was almost a mini-orgasm! JJ and I were exceptionally full and satisfied but we didn't know how to end the meal. It turns out that an order of hand rolls ends it for you (at least now we know for next time). We opted for the toro hand rolls. I was so full that I couldn't even finish my hand roll. I didn't want to be rude and not take it so I forced myself to eat it. I think I left a bite on my plate.

It was now a little after 10. If you remember, our reservations were at 7:30. We had been at Sushi Zo for a little over 2.5 hours! And now for the dreaded bill...I knew it was going to be high. And it was. We paid $250 (no drinks but with tip included) and I think it was worth every penny. If I could only afford to go every week, I would.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Diaper Bags

My 101st post! Yay!
Anyway, since I'm on the topic of babies (well, the last post was about a baby), why not discuss diaper bags? Last week, my friend JG asked me if I knew of "fashionable" diaper bags that she can use. She wanted something nice that can accommodate all of her daughter's necessities but also double as her handbag. She basically wanted a handbag - diaper bag combo so she doesn't need to tote around 2 bags when she's out with her baby.

Although I am no expert in bags (and diaper bags for that matter), I knew I can always turn to the those who are...the Bag Snobs, of course! So, I searched their site for their diaper bag suggestions. They actually had a few, since they are both moms. kidding. This bag is incredibly huge that you can fit your baby's necessities and your baby in it. Plus, it's heavy enough with nothing in it. Imagine how heavy it'll be with all everything else you'll need to put in it. Although the Bag Snobs sometimes use their birkins as diaper bags, this one is just too much. And by the way, this bag isn't one they suggested.

Tory Burch Patent Leather Tote

I am not a fan of Tory Burch. I find her logo to be annoying and some of her designs to be a little too predictable. All that withstanding, I think this tote is cute and big enough to lug all of baby's things. This is not an actual diaper bag so it doesn't come with all the pockets that a traditional diaper bag has. However, a purse organizer from The Container Store can solve that problem.

Mia Bossi 'Audrey' in Sand

This looks like a purse but it's an actual diaper bag! It even comes with a changing pad, a diaper holder, baby wipe holder and many more! This diaper bag is the answer to the fashionable mom that doesn't want to carry a cutesy floral diaper bag (i.e., click here).

Mia Bossi "Rex" in Trooper

A diaper bag for the fashionable dad. This messenger-style diaper bag has all the bells and whistles of a diaper bag but is designed with dad in mind.
Hmmm, when it's time for me to purchase one I'll keep this entry in mind.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome Mya!!!

*Sigh*. It's been a while since I last posted as this has been a hectic week. One of my best friends, KRMN, just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Tuesday at 6:00am!!! I was in the hospital with them all night, waiting with the nervous grandma and hardly cathing any zzz's. The wait was worth it! I'm so happy for you guys! I'm sure Mya's Ate Maddy is as excited as everone else as she has a new playmate!

This photo was stolen from KRMN's blog...heehee.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am an avid "shopper" (and wishlister, lol) and as I was browsing through their pages for the past few weeks, I've noticed the word Kindle around the site. Today, I finally clicked on it and to my amazement Kindle is actually Amazon's own revolutionary reading device. It's the print version of Netflix.

Kindle is basically a portable reading device that allows readers to wirelessly download books, magazines, and newspapers. Although it's not the first of it's kind, it's the first one to utilize wireless technology. Since you have wireless access, you don't need to connect to a computer to download books. Magazine and newspaper subscriptions are automatically delivered and books can be downloaded in a touch of a button. For those who are worried about their eyesight, fear not because the font is adjustable!

They've thought about everything when they developed this product. It has a built-in dictionary and wireless access to Wikipedia. The memory is expandable to accommodate your growing library. And for those of you who like to make notes on their books, Kindle supports that too. The keyboard allows you to makes notes just like you would on a real book! You won't even need a bookmark since Kindle opens the book to the last page you read. My, my.

Right now, the Kindle Store has over 90,000 books plus magazines and newpapers you can browse and buy. An important tidbit that they fail to mention is the downloading time but according to customer review a full book can download in just seconds! Yay to no waiting! The only thing I would probably miss if I bought Kindle is actually seeing the books on my shelf. But then again, Kindle is sold out so I'd have to wait anyway (boo).
To learn more about Kindle, click here.

Photos courtesy of customers.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Davis by Ruthie Davis Tract Loafer Heel

I want this shoe! About a week ago I put this shoe on my wish list on I checked again this weekend and it's gone!

I'm usually not a fan of loafers. They have a tendency to look dowdy. For some reason, the tract Loafer Heel looks absolutely sexy! I think it's the sexy heel. I'm not too pleased about the chrome insert at the bottom of the shoe but it's a little bit inconspicuous and negligible so it doesn't bother me TOO much.

What I love about this shoe, other than the subtle sexiness it lends to the wearer, is that it's perfectly versatile. I can wear it to the office to punch up a basic black outfit and I can wear it out at night to complement a cute party dress. How perfectly awesome would that have been?

And now I can't! It's gone! No more available in my size! The cream coloured version of this shoe is still available in my size at Revolve Clothing but it's not the one I really want. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

YSL "Majorelle" Bag

I'm not the best authority on bags. I like them but I don't love them as much as I do shoes. However, I have to give credit to the Bag Snob's for featuring this gorgeous YSL creation.

I'm usually not a fan of frame bags because they have a tendency to look stuffy and stodgy. Not the case with the Majorelle. The frame top makes gives this bag a "no-nonsense" feel but the slouchy bottom give it a youthful touch. I also think that the frame top is the perfect touch to remove the trendiness of the bottom slouch. A beautiful combination of feminine elegance and youthful exuberance.

If I had to buy a bag this spring, this would be it.

Available at Saks.

Fun and Fashionable Reads

I love books. I love fashion. For some reason, it never occurred to me to read about fashion. Everything I know about fashion I've taken from the magazines I read, the websites I browse, and the shows I watch on TV. I've always thought about giving books on fashion to my friends. As matter of fact, I think I have. And it's amazing that it never occurred to me to pick one out for myself.

Since I am no authority on the subject, I searched other fashion blogs and here are their picks:

Little Black Book of Style

Written by Nina Garcia, fashion director of Elle Magazine and a judge on Project Runway, Coquette says of this book:

Nina Garcia, Fashion Director at Elle Magazine and of Project Runway fame has one of the best eyes for style in fashion biz. In her new book,
The Little Black Book of Style (browse inside the book here), she dishes style tips and fashion sense in a book that not only gives you style inspiration, but also a glimpse into Nina Garcia herself. I loved reading the personal story Garcia paints on growing up in Columbia, how her fashion sense developed, and her fashion culture shock of the "preppies" when she arrived at an all girls boarding school in Wellesley, MA while in her teens. I also loved the Q&A interviews with fashion designers, stylists and models, including a great Q&A with Heidi Klum on how to dress for pregnancy. The illustrations by Ruben Toledo and the graphic design style of the book just make it all the more lovely to read. Nina Garcia, who spots amazing new fashion talent all the time, tells us that it's all about personal individual style, not about being perfect. Here, here!

Stylist:The Interpreters of Fashion

Of this book, Fabsugar says:

In the past couple of years, celebrity stylists like Rachel Zoe have really been thrust into the limelight. But the position has been around since the '30s, and the job description typically covers much more than making sure an actress looks Fab on the red carpet.

Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion, $48, by Sarah Mower, examines the role of stylists in fashion — from overseeing a magazine's photo shoot to organizing a designer's runway show.

It spotlights 16 stylists, including Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld and Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, but omits celebrity stylists like Zoe and L'Wren Scott, who works with Nicole Kidman. Each featured stylist has their own chapter, filled with their iconic work as well as personal looks at their own lives and tastes.

Deluxe - How Luxury Lost Its Luster

The original review for this book can be found on the Bag Snob's website. The reviewer, Linda Grant, now has her own blog and has condensed her original review as follows:

There are few fashion books as interesting, informative and rigorous as this one. Thomas is the Paris fashion and culture correspondent for Newsweek, I met her when she was in London in September and found her a mine of information about how high end fashion works and when it is and when it is not worth shelling out for it. I subsequently recommended the book to the PR for a major British retail chain who was as riveted by it as I was. It's shocking to discover that a Marc Jacobs bag is being produced in the same factory, on the same machines and made by the same person as a department store on brand.

Apart from these, there are tons of books on fashion out there that are available. There are historical books on fashion houses, art books featuring works of fashion photographers, how-to books from fashion gurus. A plethora of books are available on the subject of fashion that I've never thought to read about before. Silly me. I think I'll start from the bottom of my list since it's the one I find most intriguing. Happy reading!

Hip Hop Abs

I first heard of Hip Hop Abs from my friend JJ back in October (was it?). A couple days after Christmas, I was at home watching TV early in the morning and voila! The Hip Hop Abs infomercial was on. I watched it for a little bit while making breakfast and i figured it was pretty cheap. You get 4 DVDs for about $60 + shipping and handling. So I hurry to my computer and purchase it. After clicking on the check out button, there are numerous offers that they try to get you to buy. Always the sucker, I ended up adding one of their offers to my cart. I tried to remove the extra stuff from my cart but to no avail. My $60 purchase ended up totaling to almost $160.

But I digress, the purpose of this post was to tell you guys that in line with my resolution to be fit (or healthy), I have been doing the exercises on these videos. Along with the videos, they give you a 30-day calendar as a guideline for which video to use. They give you a measurement tracker and a measuring tape to track your progress. I'll give everyone an update at the end of 30 days as to my progress.

Since I am also using these videos as an experiment as to whether they do in fact work, I am foregoing other types of exercise. That said, I won't be visiting the gym this month (damn!) and I will try to eat healthier (they have a nutrition guideline but I won't be following that coz it's too hard). Again, I'll be posting an update in about 24 days so stay tuned!

Manila Fashion Observer

I was browsing some blogs today in search of information on Gerry's Grill and I came upon the blog of the Manila Fashion Observer (who is now in New York). A fellow fashionista, her blog includes entries on her shopping escapades to her love of shoes. Her blog, started in August 2006, is an interesting read. I hope you enjoy it too!

PS. I don't know how I got from researching Gerry's Grill to her blog. Lol.

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolutions's that time of the year again when we ponder on how we can improve ourselves. It's time to make our resolutions. Almost everyone tries to make a list of how they can better themselves or their lives. Some people resolve to do things they've never done. I guess everyone has their own interpretation of a new year's resolution. Very tricky. I, for one, take time to think about what I should change if I can change it. I try to look back and read my previous resolutions before making new ones, just to make sure I'm not setting myself up for another year of disappointment (disappointment of not actually following through, that is). This year, I'd like to share my list to everyone....maybe some of you can keep me on pace.

1. To not use my credit cards - This one will be tough for an impulsive shopper like me. Still, I'd like to try. I'm trying to lower my credit card debt and hopefully I can pay off most of my cards by summer if I stop adding to what I already owe. By doing so, I will be improving my credit score which will be a big plus when I finally make my biggest splurge - buying a condo! Yay!

2. To be healthy - Lately, I've been busy (especially with school) that I haven't been to the gym in a few months (since September!). I've also been eating really horribly which is soooo not good. This year, I plan to go back to my healthy self - plenty of exercise and a good diet (no more fast food). I've done it before and I sure as hell can do it again!

3. To take better care of myself - I know this sounds like it should be part of No. 2 but this one includes not just physical health but also emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc. I need to pay more attention to how I present myself to people (I got the clothes down, it's the hair and makeup part that kills me). This year I want to give myself all the attention I've neglected to give all these years so definitely more "ME" time and more pampering this year.