Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Milo Ventimiglia

How can one not enjoy "Heroes" this season when you have a half-naked Milo Ventimiglia running around? *wink*

Handsome and talented, this Italian - Irish - English - Scottish - Blackfoot Indian hottie is a California native. Prior to his big break on TV, he was an English major at UCLA (boo!).

I've been a Milo fan since his days as brooding bad boy, Jess, on Gilmore Girls. I thought he was a much better choice for Rory than Dean (gag!). He was great at playing Jess - rebellious but secretly intellectual. He was so good at his role that The WB offered him a contract even after his character was written off the show.

Milo had a Gilmore Girls spin-off that was never picked up. He also had another show on The WB, The Bedford Diaries, that was dropped when The WB became The CW. Now, he's back on TV as the idealistic Peter Petrelli on NBC's Heroes.

Heroes is one of the better TV shows out right now and it certainly helps that it's got a great cast. I just wish they keep Milo's shirts off! Heehee...

PS. I'm not digging this new look. I like his hair longer!

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