Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Do I Torture Myself?

I am on the mailing list for ShopJake and while I usually ignore their emails, I received one that said "New Arrivals from Bui [... etc.]". My heart started racing as I head on to their website and lo and behold, the Braided Gladiator Sandals are available.

It's not in the Cognac color that I prefer but the black is just as desirable. Again, I ask you dear reader, why do I torture myself?

**Note: Shopping probation to be lifted soon. Just in time for the Barney's sale. Isn't that convenient?

Available at ShopJake for $1,690.


cd said...

Uh-oh! Did you say Barney's sale?!!! Hehehe!!!

S said...

i'm cutting your entire wallet if you even THINK about buying those shoes.

you are CRAZY.

sumnboutme said...

CD - yup! I think I deserve it after a shopping drought. Lol.

S - I'm not thinking about buying it, don't worry. I'm just dreaming and drooling. Lol.