Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Handbag

I might have professed my hatred for anything monogrammed once or twice on this blog. If I were to buy anything designer, first of all I would opt for the leather since I think it's a better investment. Instead of buying a canvas monogrammed bag, save your money for one that's made of real leather. Second of all, I think buying anything monogrammed is just someone's way of telling the world that my bag is made by so and so. Newsflash: buying a monogrammed handbag does not, can not, and will not elevate your style status if the rest of the outfit does not work (actually this works for all designer handbags in general).

I've always been one to choose quality over brand name. Not all designer items are of good quality (case in point - the Prada fairy bags). In my humble opinion, the Morning After Mini Handbag is a great alternative to the monogrammed atrocities that are the Speedys saturating the entire (well, almost) college population. At the price a little less than a Monogrammed Speedy, the Morning After Mini Handbag is a much classier alternative and since RM's bags are made of 100% Italian leather, I think it's money well-spent.

Available in 5 colors from Luna Boston for $550.

**Note: I realize this post is more of a ranting than anything else and I apologize for the harsh tones. It just irks me when people think buying a designer handbag is the end-all and be-all of fashion. The handbag is and always will be ONLY an accessory. No handbag in the world (not even a Birkin) can make you look fashionable if you're a trashy mess.

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