Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Treat for My Mom (and Me)

For Mother's Day, my cousins and I decided to treat our moms (and ourselves) to beauty treatments at Glen Ivy Day Spa in Valencia, CA. Knowing they would be booked for Mother's Day, we scheduled our appointments back in April. My mom booked a "Relax" Body Treatment and an Express Facial. I was torn between a massage and a facial but in the end I decided on the "Relax" Facial - Glen Ivy's signature Couture Facial (anything couture is ok by me).

We arrived a half hour before our appointment. We were given a tour of the place since it was our first time. To my surprise, Glen Ivy was pretty big by day spa standards. They have most amenities that are offered by day spas including a steam room and a jacuzzi. The Solarium (pictured above) is where patrons wait for their therapists while indulging in goodies (including fruits, yogurt, granola, pastries, coffee and tea).

As I mentioned earlier, I booked the "Relax" Facial for myself. It was probably one of the best 80 minutes I've ever spent in my entire life! It started with a full back hot stone massage. I've had soreness in my shoulders for the past month and it all went away. My therapist, Rosio, had such heavenly hands. I was laready thinking of booking my next appointment and she hasn't even started with the facial. That part was also good. I've had facials before and they all seem the same after a while. But like I said, Rosio must really have heavenly hands because her extractions didn't really hurt. I think she was trying to distract me by talking to me. She told me my skin is dehydrated. I'm not that surprised since I'm not big on water. She applied a hydrating mask to help replenish my skin and told me I need to do the same 3 times a week for at least a month. Yeah...sure. While the mask dried, she also massaged my hands and feet. A taste of heaven in 80 minutes. I highly recommend it to everyone...highly recommend.

Since I'm such a sucker, I bought the following toner as recommended by Rosio. When you go get a facial, they tell you about all the products they use on you. As you pay for your services, the cashier shows you all the products in a basket that your therapist recommends for your skin regimen. Of course, I always end up buying something. I don't know why. Also, why is it that all the spas I go to use products from France?

Since it's Mother's Day, all the patrons received a little gift from the spa. A cute little cosmetic bag containing a blinged out coffee mug. Pretty awesome. And yeah, that's my dog in the background.


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