Friday, May 23, 2008


Romp - to play or frolic in a boisterous manner. That's why I really like the idea of a romper (or a playsuit as some designers call them), they They have a flirty feel yet they can, if done right, be chic as well. I can see how the Pam Andersons and the J. Los can make it look less classy but like I said, it has the potential to be chic if done right. "Done right" first of all means getting the right one. I'm not sure the ones from Forever 21 will work in this case. The material needs to be rich and luxurious for it to feel elegant. Over-accessorizing might kill the look as well. It's best to go with simple since the romper is flamboyant enough.

This particular romper fits the bill. Made with 100% silk, it's definitely luxurious. The print is enough of a statement that accessories aren't needed. Easy and breezy, it's perfect for the upcoming summer months.

McQ by Alexander McQueen ZipUp Romper, $416, at Shopbop.

*Note: Please forgive the model's face. It bothers the hell out of me but I couldn't crop her head off since I needed a full body pic. Just try to look at the romper and not her face. Thanks.

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MadsaboutU said...

i have been checking your blog everyday to see if you have something new and i keep seeing this girl's face. You are right she kinda looks annoying!lol.
I think Mads has a lot of those rompers!too bad they don't fit me.