Thursday, May 01, 2008

Brown Out(fit)...4/30/08

I had such a hectic day at work yesterday that I crashed when I got home and didn't get to post yesterday's outfit. I guess this will have to make up for today's outfit (which I won't be posting).

A lot of people have black as their go-to color. Mine is brown. Out of everything in my closet (shoes included), brown is the most abundant color. I think brown is an easier neutral to work with and it doesn't look as grim as black. Brown does have a tendency to look boring (as does any neutral) but as Tim Gunn says, you just have to "make it work".

Tank: Express (brown version of the black tank I wore the other day)
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Skirt: Paul & Joe - this is probably one of my favorite skirts which is surprising since it's not short or tight
Shoes: Syrup (?) - I bought these in the Philippines last year for $5!!!


Eria said...

wow, sexy *whistles tambay-style* LOL. $5 buckaroos? I cannot wait to go home. 16 days to go! I keep forgetting to add you in my blogspot. Now I will.

sumnboutme said...

Yay! Have fun on your trip!

karempot said...

i think that whistle goes like this: whit-wheew!