Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Christian Louboutin Insectika Platform Sandals

Just because I'm on shopping probation does not mean I can't browse. Pure torture, I know. Anyway, one of my favorite pastimes is browsing the net for Christian Louboutin shoes (can you say "shallow", lol). My first stop is usually Saks or Barneys since they have a lot more to choose from (and drool over). I don't think there is a sexier black shoe than one from Mr. Louboutin himself. The black leather and the red sole is just genius!

I'm not too sure about the name of this new shoe (available at Saks for pre-order, $695) but I am in total LUST with them.

I love the detail on the back of the heel. Details are usually lost on anything black but somehow the heel details are not lost on this shoe. Heel architecture was a big thing this past few seasons but Mr. Louboutin doesn't go over the top with these(hello Prada and Miu Miu). The subtlety of the details are what makes his designs top notch (in my book). He doesn't need to add 10 million embellishments to sell as shoe. Mr. Louboutin understands that sometimes subtlety is the key to sexy.

**Note: Still debating whether I should pre-order these or if I should get the Architeks that I've wanted for a while. Decisions, decisions.

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