Saturday, June 07, 2008

What The Fug...Goyard Handbags

Okay, where do I start? I really don't understand the fascination with logos. I might've mentioned this before but I really, I DESPISE logos. It's tacky, tacky, tacky. To me, nothing screams "I'm trying too hard" more than a monogrammed purse/shoe/ name it. Wait, I take that back. Nothing screams "I'm trying too hard" more than monogrammed coated canvas!!!

I understand that Goyard has been around for ages. That does not mean that it's designed well. History does not equate to stylish, I'm afraid. It took someone like Tomas Meier to bring Bottega Veneta back from the ashes. What does it take for Goyard to do the same? I don't know, a fairy godmother? I guess it's okay if the bags are at least well designed (not really, but I'll give you guys that at the VERY least). I mean, I am not a fan of Louis Vuitton but at least SOME of their pieces are interesting. Goyard handbags are not only FUGLY, their flimsy to boot. Why someone would pay almost $1000 for something that looks like a Whole Foods shopping bag is beyond me. And quite frankly, I prefer the Whole Foods shopping bag.

So seriously gals, what the fug?

**Note: I am not the only one that feels this way about Goyard. The ultimate experts (IMO) in all things handbags feel the same.


Haute Girl said...

lol...i want to see the whole foods bag

sumnboutme said...

weeellll....they don't look EXACTLY like the Whole Foods bag...just saying that they look like cheap grocery bags. LOL.