Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vince Tie Neck Top

I'm back from my long weekend in Chicago. As much as I love going away on trips, there's no place like home. I missed my dog, I missed my apartment, I missed my friends and I missed my blog.

Okay, now that the sappy part is over it's time for the rants. I really liked Chicago except for the shopping. Well, it's not really the shopping. It's actually the sales tax. Sales tax in Los Angeles is already ridiculous at 8.25% and Chicago's is even higher!!! I was so disappointed because I thought I could score some deals but I ended up being the tightwad. I think I ended up spending less than $200 on shopping. Imagine that! I did score the aforementioned top though...the Vince Tie Neck Top. It's nothing much but I've been eyeing it from Shopbop for a while so when I saw it at Saks on sale in my size, I decided to get it. I wasn't about to come back empty handed.

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