Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Marchesa Ruffles

Earlier this evening, I was watching last week's So You Think You Can Dance Results Show (Tivo-ed) and I see Cat Deeley wearing this:

Look familiar? It's the mini version of the Marchesa gown I wanted to wear to my future imagined wedding! I first recognized the ruffles because they look so distinctly Marchesa. A few more minutes into the show I had to pause it and go online. Lo and behold, I find this:

The black version of Cat Deeley's dress. This was the dress that was part of Marchesa's F/W 2008. I guess it's available in more than one color. My future wedding gown is also available in another color as worn by Eva Langoria below. LOVE the color but I'm not sure I like the dress as much now that I see it on a celebrity.

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