Monday, June 02, 2008

Ruffles Galore

Ever since I saw JJ with her ruffle top, I've been thinking and seeing and appreciating ruffles (on shirts anyway). I always thought ruffles are too voluminous a detail for me and goodness knows I don't want to add any volume to my frame but something about them is just so feminine and innocent. Oh how I could pull off some of these tops...

(L-R Robert Rodriguez - $286, Jill Stuart - $328, Binetti - $389; available from Shopbop)

Here are some more ruffled confections from F/W 2008 collections:

Richard Chai

Behnaz Sarafpour


F/W 2008 collection photos from

*Note: I really should be studying. I'm not officially back until Wednesday so hang tight people.


karempot said...

ruffles go esp well on a baby's bottom
i have a maldita ruffled halter that my cousin sent fr manila--she musta thought i had the bod of gretchen barretto cos i never could wear that thing even before i got preggo
it looks really cute tho i just wish it fit me

sumnboutme said...

i wish i had gretchen's body...and closet...HAHHAHAHAH

S said...

the ruffles with the white shorts is super cute. I saw a shirt like that in a boutique and seeing that photo just makes me want to go back there and get it.

I have a major shopping itch that I want to scratch! I should visit your site less frequently.