Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chip & Pepper Stella Boot Cut Jean

Due in part to my frustration at the lack of shopping in Chicago, I went back to my old shopping. Although I really don't need another pair of jeans, I ended up buying these. They're 50% off but then again, I really don't need another pair. Oh well, that's what happens when I get frustrated from lack of shopping. I end up buying stuff I don't need. Come to think of it, I really don't need most of the stuff I buy. I just like having a lot of stuff. Isn't that sad? I really should save my money for my future house.

Anyway, back to the jeans. I am not that fond of the skinny jean and the boot cut style has always been flattering on me. It fits close to the body but has some room in the leg for my shoes. I hate it when my jeans don't cover my shoes...just one of those inexplicable fashion pet peeves.

Since I'm pretty short and almost always wear heels, all my jeans are hemmed to accommodate the heel height. Do I wear these jeans with flats? I can and I sometimes do. Do I have jeans that are worn exclusively with flats (sandals, sneakers, boots)? Most certainly. Since these jeans are hemmed shorter than my average pair, these are my more casual jeans. If you have a pair that you love, buy two pairs and wear one with heels and one with flats. There's nothing more unattractive than a short pair of jeans with heels. Well, maybe jeans that are too long worn with pants.

*Note: These should have really been two separate posts. Sorry if I sort of smushed them into one.

**Another Note: I love that word "smushed". Lol.

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