Monday, June 23, 2008

LV Limelight Clutch

I saw SATC over the weekend and I can't believe I left the theater pining for the LV Limelight Clutch. Me, of all people!!! You all know I'm not a fan of LV which is why it is so funny and ironic that I am here right now pining for one...and one that's not even available anymore since it was part of the F/W 07 collection. I'm secretly hoping that it'll be available this Fall. I was THIS close to calling the LV boutiques in Paris the other night. *Sigh*

But like I said, I'll be good and NOT buy anything for the rest of the year. JJ's not happy but I gotta be good to my pocketbook...which is why I'm glad that this clutch is not available. Or is it? I guess I have to wait and see when the fall merchandise trickles into stores (which is any time now).

**Note on the movie: I was never a fan of the series. I probably saw 5 episodes total of the 6 seasons. I saw the movie because my mom wanted to see (and she's never really watched the series either). I have to say that it's a good chick-bonding flick and I have to admit I paid more attention to the eye candy than to the actual plot. There were a few things in the movie that I wouldn't mind having. That said, the blatant product placement was hard to ignore hence me pining for a last season clutch. Would I watch it again? Yes, just so I can see which bags/shoes/clothes I overlooked or I could spare myself the 1.5 hours (or however long the movie was) and just buy the book. It has ALL the stuff that's in the movie.


Purse Addict said...

I've always thought the limelight clutch was purty cept...its a BIG, FLOPPY clutch...sorta takes away from the point of having a clutch. Almost too big for nights out and almost too inconvenient for the daytime!

karempot said...

aww i still haven't seen satc

sumnboutme said...

we should all watch it together...that way i can see what other stuff i missed...LOL.