Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

I actually wasn't planning on going. I mentioned earlier this week that I wanted to lay low this weekend since I'm going to Chicago next weekend. JG talked me into going, if only to get her a purse for her birthday. I knew I shouldn't have gone. I always end up spending WAY more than I intended. In this case, I actually ended spending way too much since I wasn't even supposed to buy anything. What happened to the newly reinstated shopping probation?

The sale started at 10am. I was planning on getting there early because I know how handbag sample sales get but I was up late the night before and I didn't get up early enough. I got to the sale around noon. I was surprised that there were only 2 other girls there when I arrived. I was told that the madness was over. Apparently some girls lined up since 6am!!! That's probably why the selection was pretty slim around noon. "Pretty slim" translates to an entire table of Morning Afters and Morning After Minis, a small table with clutches, and a small table with an assortment of Markets, Nikkis, Matinees, Dreams and Steadys. JG wanted the Market in Chestnut or Black. I was hoping for a Deep Purple Morning After Mini. We're both out of luck since the only Market available was a White Patent one and the only Morning After Minis available were White, Blue Mesh, Chestnut (only one which SY was carrying around with her), and Jade Basketweave. I toyed around with the idea of a Nikki but the handle was too short for me. Since I was really there for JG, I contemplated getting her the White Patent Market but something else caught my eye. There was a bag tagged "One of A Kind" which strongly resembled the Market. It's a seafoam green color which (in my opinion) is SOO much cuter than the white patent version. After agonizing about it for 30 seconds, I decided to go for it. Worst case, if she doesn't like it, I get to keep it!!! Yay! I love a win-win situation. I still wish I could've gotten there earlier to grab a Dusty Market but I'm happy with the ones I ended up with.

Cream w/ Brown Basketweave Morning After - I'm contemplating on giving this to my mom.
**Update: I've been informed that this purse is actually Cream w/ Brown WICKER (not Basketweave). I've also given it to my mom.

White Morning After Mini for ME!!!! I still want the purple but this will work for the summer. Can't wait to break it in!

Lex Clutch in Ocean for ME! I still need a black clutch. I was hoping they had the Date Clutch in black but they didn't.

Happy Birthday JG. Hope you like your "One of A Kind" Market.

On a side note, Rebecca and friends were SUPER sweet. My clutch didn't come with a chain although others did. When I came back (a misunderstanding), they gave it to me. Yay! Thanks again RM for not canceling the LA sample sale!


karempot said...

I don't see why JG wouldn't like it. I luv it in that color. Even better than the "usual" blk or chestnut brwn.

sumnboutme said...

Yeah, I like it too....too bad there was only one..HAHAHAH...

Always In Style said...

Those are all gorgeous and I LOVE the seafoam green color - you're right, much nicer than white patent. Enjoy them!

sumnboutme said...

Thanks AIS!

MadsaboutU said...

I LOOOve it and I can't wait to have it! the leather seems softer in this color. Thanks for getting it for me Db!--now surprise for its price tag.*wink