Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween and Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum must REALLY love Halloween. She's thrown a Halloween bash for the past 8 years and every year she goes all out with her costumes. They might not be the most original, but she certainly puts an effort. Lucky for her, she probably knows a lot of makeup artists who are willing to help her get her look together.

2007. Heidi is a cat (or a mouse, I'm not sure). Not the most original but the makeup is great and she can certainly walk the "catwalk" (get it? Hahaha). She wasn't the only celebrity to dress as a cat this Halloween but she's certainly the better looking cat.

2006. To hide her pregnant belly, she dressed up as the forbidden fruit to Seal's Eve. Pretty neat idea and it's great of Seal to dress up as Eve for his wife. So sweet.

2005. Bride of Dracula (complete with wings).

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Purse Addict said...

They look like they have a great relationship :)