Thursday, November 29, 2007

Derek Ramsay

Those of you who know me well know that I am not attracted to Asian guys, Filipino guys, or guys who are darker than me (and I'm pretty light-skinned). However, there always seems to be an exception and in this case it's Derek Ramsay.

Derek Ramsay is one of the top models in the Philippines. Half-Filipino and half-British, his good looks took the Philippines by a raging storm when he entered the modeling industry. Fast forward a few years later, Derek has broadened his scope to hosting and acting. He's currently one of the regular hosts on ASAP '07 and a leading man on the primetime soap Ysabella. He seems to be a great host since he has the charisma and the personality but I think he needs to work on his acting skills. It's still not that fluid and can seem rather forced at times.

Apparently Derek is not just eye candy. He also has a degree in Marketing with a minor in Electrical Engineering. Now that's a complete package...good looks, smarts, and a good job. His parents must be so proud. =)

I've never seen him in person, only in print and on TV. I wonder if he looks just as good in real life. Lol.

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