Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Remember When...

...I said I wasn't going to shop until the end of the year?

Yeah, well...I lied. *Sigh* I should just stop trying to kid myself and admit that I have a problem...a shopping problem. Not only did I buy a pair of earrings this past weekend, I also bought these boots:

Remember when I blogged about them? Well, I checked them again today and they're about 65% off. How can I say 'no' to that? They're not my usual flat boots but I need black heeled boots, so there, I got a pair. Cheaper (ok, WAAYY cheaper) than the pair of Margielas I was eyeing so I feel good about this purchase.

Oh, and the earrings were 30% off too...and 18k white gold. I love a good bargain!

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karempot said...

i suggest putting your $ in a trust. i dunno just a thought cos i'm studying trusts right now and i thought it would be of benefit to you. i'll be thinking of you when i study spendthrift trusts so that i can better remember the concept (association helps with memorization).