Thursday, July 03, 2008

Have _____, Will Travel...

I never really fully understood what that idiom means, but it makes sense in this case: Have FUNDS, Will Travel... hehehe.

Apart from eating and shopping, my other love is traveling...especially to distant parts of the world that I read about (or see on the Food Network). Earlier this year, I took my family to Chicago which was partially inspired by the most recent season of Top Chef. Later this summer, my family and I will be headed to Hawaii because it's a trip two years in the making. I'm always in charge of our itineraries and I look forward to planning a fun-filled trip for my family.

Sometime next year (tentatively around January) I am planning a trip to the Philippines, Bangkok and Phuket but I'm still ironing out the details as I write. When I went home last year, I took a side trip to Hong Kong which I thoroughly enjoyed and vowed from then on to take a side trip every time I go to the Philippines. The logistics of my trip are a bit difficult because of blackout days from work. I HAVE to be at work from the 1st thru the 10th of every month so I can only be out from the 11th thru the end of the month. It should be fun trying to figure this trip out.

The last trip on my list for now was supposed to be a trip to Spain and Morocco with the ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, since he's such a procrastinator, this trip has been cancelled and replaced with a trip to Cancun with my best girls and their respective families. It's a little more than a year away but reservations have been made and we're all sooo excited.

All this talk about travel gets me thinking about luggage. I don't own a decent suitcase. I usually pack light so a duffel is good enough for me. However, I think it's time to upgrade my luggage situation to something a bit more sturdy and reliable. The first thing that comes to mind is a vintage LV trunk.

I know I've lambasted LV quite a few times on my blog but I have got to say their trunks are just to die for. Not the most practical or the most economical of choices but definitely is a must have...if just to have as a coffee table or a decor piece.

If practicality is the question, then Samsonite is definitely the answer. Samsonite is practically synonymous with luggage.

The Check Pattern Spinners are durable and practical and available in three sizes. The check pattern is subtle enough to distinguish your luggage from all the other ones on the baggage claim conveyor belt. The material is also sturdy enough to withstand the abuse most luggage encounters in the hands of the airline personnel.

If you are one of the few who have trouble distinguishing your luggage from the sea of black and blah, then you would need something more vibrant like this Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Wheely.
This baby is sure to turn heads at the baggage claim counter. And I'm pretty sure you'd be able to spot this piece of luggage a mile away.

In conclusion, when picking your luggage, opt for:
-something sturdy that can withstand being tossed around
-something bright to make it easy for you to spot it
-something not too ostentatious such as designer logos because that just attracts thieves
-something not too heavy so it wouldn't be a pain to lug around
-something with wheels so it's easier for your back


MadsaboutU said...

I say go for a Samsonite. They are reliable and not flashy. We usually put a ribbon on the handles for our luggages so we can spot them right away but i think that Marc by MJ looks so precious they look good enough to eat!lol

cheeky_deb said...

lol...yeah, i bet it's hard to lose too! lol...