Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shoppping Ban Update

I realized (with the help of my shopping shrink) that I can't put myself on a completely restrictive shopping ban because it's too torturous and it's too damn hard. Imagine yourself on a strict diet, suddenly everything looks tempting. That's exactly how I feel right now. To ease the temptation (and the suffering), I've decided to add a new "twist" to my shopping ban. Instead of completely shying away from shopping, I'm allowing myself small shopping sprees (of 3 items at the most) PROVIDED that I wear everything I've previously bought (not counting what I bought for Fall/Winter). So right now I am 2 tops, 3 dresses, 2 pants and 5 jeans away from my next shopping spree.

**Note: I like that this new twist forces me to wear everything I buy. At least I can say I've used everything in my closet at least once.**

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