Friday, July 18, 2008

Style Inspiration: Jane

There are an infinite number of style/fashion blogs out there and while I do love to browse through some of these blogs, most of them get quite boring and redundant. However, there are times when I find a blogger who understands that simplicity is key. Not all outfits have to be loud and ostentatious in order to speak volumes. Simple outfits, when done right, can be quite powerful as seen here on Jane of Sea of Shoes. When you dissect her outfit, it comes down to jeans, boots, belt, classic white button down. How much simpler can you get, right? The effect, however, is not what you'd expect. And that's what I love about fashion. Grabbing people's attention with a simple outfit. Making a bold statement with a classic white button down. It doesn't always have to be about bold prints, sequins, bright colors, and "it" accessories. It's not always about who can look the most ridiculous. It's about bringing the elements together cohesively...and that my friends is easier said than done.

**Note: Jane is only 16 and already a fashion maven with an enviable shoe closet.

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