Monday, July 14, 2008


I don't think I blogged about the time I actually bought my Tory Burch flats. It was about a month or so ago and JJ and I were happily spending our hangover away at South Coast Plaza when I started complaining that my feet hurt. We had been walking for a couple of hours and I was wearing my uncomfortable unpadded Aldo sandals. We passed by Tory Burch and I decided to venture in to relieve my sore feet. I found a pair of cute patent navy blue flats in my size (7.5 in Tory Burch) which was a surprise since my size is usually the first to go. I decided to purchase them since they were the absolute last pair and my feet were just aching to be relieved. JJ warned me that these flats are not the most comfortable in the beginning but they do stretch in time. Right then, I didn't really care. These flats were slightly padded and far better than the ones I had on previously as far as I was concerned. WRONG! About an hour later, my feet started to throb again. I figured the flats just needed to be broken in. WRONG again! It's now been over a month and they still hurt every time I wear them. I have now come to believe that unless it's flip flops, my feet are better off in heels. Oh, and after that afternoon walking around at South Coast, my feet were swollen for the next two days.

**Note: Why is it that my $10 pair of sandals from Payless are WAAAYYY more comfy than the $120 Tory Burch ones?


S said...

try breaking them in by wearing thick socks with them while walking around in your apartment or over pants that will cover it. I tend to do that with shoes that pinch and it works faster than breaking them in normally.

Rachel Everdene said...

hey debbie! pazi loves flats, hehehe. i wuv boots.

i tag you on so many fronts. magtag ka nalang dito:

I hope you're feeling better na! (i'm still killing myself with work, so break muna to give you a virtual hug. HUG!!!)

MadsaboutU said...

i hate those kind of flats too! i have one like it and i only wore it twice and just gave up.

karempot said...

i have no advice on how to break shoes in cos i tend to give up on them after they hurt my feet but they nonetheless don't stop me from wearing freakin' flats heheh