Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Subversive Jewelry...for Target

I first fell in love with Subversive Jewelry after I saw Lindsay Price wearing a piece on Lipstick Jungle. She wore a multi-strand pearl necklace with a purple ribbon that I first thought was Lanvin. After further research, it turned out that the piece was by Subversive Jewelry, a 2006 CFDA nominee (I forgot who won). Anyway, the piece I liked turned out to be $1,400. I tried so hard to learn how to make jewelry to recreate that one piece. I even searched around Ebay for vintage pieces I can use to recreate that necklace to no avail.

After browsing around today, I came upon an article discussing Subversive Jewelry for Target. I couldn't be more excited! Finally, I can own a piece without breaking the bank. I still want that damn necklace though but for now, I'll settle for something from the Target line.

Images from Target.

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