Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Self-Imposed Shopping Probation

My self-imposed shopping probation is ending soon. I put myself on a shopping probation since I noticed that my "habit" is getting out of hand. I get the shakes if I'm at home on the weekend without buying anything! Well, it's not that bad but I really do get antsy when I'm not out shopping on the weekend. Not to mention that I am on Shopbop every night before I go to bed.

With the probation ending soon, I don't want to "shock" my system by buying big ticket items (such as a YSL Tribute Tote). I think maybe I'll start off slow and buy the wallet I've been talking about that I need. Hmmm, I don't want to make any plans (or lists) because chances are that I'll end up getting something else. This way, I won't have to put myself on another probation since the BDB Spring sale is coming up. And I want to save my money and energy for that! Sounds like a great plan, yay!

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