Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Interview Questions

The following questions were from someone's interview posted on here with my answers. Hope you learn a little about me (if you haven't already) in the process.

Favorite designers (daily, going out, events)?
Hmmmm...I love Theory for work clothes. I love Rebecca Taylor and Catherine Malandrino dresses!

Favorite stores (clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, vintage, home, gifts, ONLINE preferably)?
My future store...hahaha...

Who are your personal style icons?
This one's a little tough since I don't really have one. I would say it's more a combination of Carrie's edgy and quirky fashion sense with Charlotte's more conservative style.

What are your favorite new trends?
I'm not really a trend follower but I don't mind the gladiator sandals.

Do you have any beauty tips?
I'm hardly one to ask about beauty tips. I guess the best tip I can give is the most obvious one - drink lots of water. Oh, and always wash your face in the morning and before you sleep.

Right now, every girl needs a _____ ?
Shopping buddy to help her edit, edit, edit.

What music is on your iPod right now?
The last song I downloaded was Mariah's 'Touch My Body'.

What do you buy at the newsstand?
Today I bought Elle UK, Metro Pop and Nylon. I also have a subscription to InStyle and Lucky.

Where do you go to stock up on great, inexpensive items?
H&M and Target.

If you had $1000 to blow on one item for Spring what would it be?
YSL Tribute Tote in White Tumbled Leather

What item of your wardrobe do you rely on during the spring?
Cardigans over dresses

Photos from Natalie Wood (?)

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