Thursday, April 17, 2008

Queen Baby

I've always been a fan of Chrome Hearts jewelry. I admired it from a distance since it's a little bit off my price range especially for silver jewelry. Recently, I have been admiring the designs of (probably) their biggest competitor, King Baby Studio.

Both have the same sort of gothic/rockabilly aesthetic that sets it apart from other silver jewelry. King Baby Studio offers their wares at a slightly lower price but the designs are still pretty hot. I love the edgy and bold pieces since it's reminiscent of my younger, more rebellious self. I think it was last year that King Baby Studio branched out into women's designs with Queen Baby. How exciting is that!

The name is a little cheesy but it's ok since the pieces are pretty hardcore. My favorite is probably the Rose collection as pictured on the left. The goth-inspired pieces are not as delicate and feminine as most women's jewelry but that doesn't take away from it's appeal. Most of the pieces are bold and edgy and they are most definitely eye-catching. Now I understand this type of aesthetic isn't for everybody but you know what? I'll take this over sterling silver from Tiffany's any day.

The pieces below are my favorite pieces in the current Queen Baby collection.

(Large Charm Bracelet $440; Rosary Necklace w/ Large Crowned Heart Pendant$1125)

Photos from King Baby Studio.

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