Thursday, April 10, 2008

Corporate Chic

I work in Century City. I am surrounded by impeccably dressed women that sometimes I feel inadequate (only sometimes though). Not that I have a shoddy wardrobe,but I can certainly improve on it. I know that to be taken seriously in the business world, one really has to pay attention to how them present themselves and I feel like I'm still stuck in college mode in the way I dress...much too casual.

First impression is key. I know this and yet I don't do anything about it. I realized that I have to get cranking especially if I am planning to venture into business myself. I can't meet potential clients looking like a schlep. That won't work, especially if I plan to venture into the fashion industry. So what's my game plan? Well, I'll start with cleaning out my closet. I think I've outgrown some of the items and those can be disposed of. That should leave me with some room to improve my current wardrobe. I think I've mentioned about upgrading my wardrobe in a previous post. These looks are going to be my inspiration for my next shopping trip.

I love going to work in a dress. It makes me feel feminine and plus it's easy (since I don't really have to think about pairing it with anything else other than my shoes). The first look is perfect for work since it's not overly sexy but it's not entirely dowdy either. Although only a little bit of effort went into it, it looks flawless.

As for the look on the right, a perfect-fitting blazer is always a winning look in my book. It's not that easy to find one that fits perfectly so this might entail either combing the racks for THE one or a trip to the tailor. Paired with skinny trousers, it's corporate chic all the way. The gold shoe is the perfect touch to make each look feel younger and more contemporary. I can see myself just waltzing into work in those two outfits. I can't wait for my shopping probation to end!

Photos from Shopbop.

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