Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spring Blues

According to Pantone's Fashion Report for Spring 2008 (see snippet below), blue is the color of Spring. Bright blue shades have already started trickling in stores as we welcome the Spring season. A new color to liven up my wardrobe is definitely a welcome treat that I am looking forward to.

"Vibrant Snorkel Blue, a favorite this season among
designers, is your dependable navy but with more
animation and sophistication. Look for this cobalt-like
shade in many patterns and prints for spring."

Oh, if you're not familiar with Pantone, it is a think-tank based in New Jersey and it is the world-renowned authority on color. For fashion designers, they have a tool called Pantone View Colour Planner which is a "biannual trend forecasting tool that offers seasonal color direction and inspiration 24 months in advance." Pretty cool, huh?

You can visit Pantone's website for more information on their services.

Image courtesy of Shopbop.

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