Monday, January 21, 2008

CL Minibout Zep 942

I know I've mentioned a couple of times that I will not get another pair of CL's owing to the discomfort that they bestow on my poor, poor feet. However, I just couldn't resist admiring the Minibouts.

I noticed this shoe back in early December when they were first available at Saks. I thought the minute peep-toe is a little weird-looking. But when I saw these on Eva Mendes, I changed my mind. This pump is demure with only a hint (the perfect amount) of sexy. I love the little bit of red peeking through the front of the toe but I especially love the 4 ¾ in. heel. With my petite stature, I can't deny myself an extra boost of height.

When did Bush say we're going to get that tax rebate again?

Available at Saks for $760.

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