Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hip Hop Abs

I first heard of Hip Hop Abs from my friend JJ back in October (was it?). A couple days after Christmas, I was at home watching TV early in the morning and voila! The Hip Hop Abs infomercial was on. I watched it for a little bit while making breakfast and i figured it was pretty cheap. You get 4 DVDs for about $60 + shipping and handling. So I hurry to my computer and purchase it. After clicking on the check out button, there are numerous offers that they try to get you to buy. Always the sucker, I ended up adding one of their offers to my cart. I tried to remove the extra stuff from my cart but to no avail. My $60 purchase ended up totaling to almost $160.

But I digress, the purpose of this post was to tell you guys that in line with my resolution to be fit (or healthy), I have been doing the exercises on these videos. Along with the videos, they give you a 30-day calendar as a guideline for which video to use. They give you a measurement tracker and a measuring tape to track your progress. I'll give everyone an update at the end of 30 days as to my progress.

Since I am also using these videos as an experiment as to whether they do in fact work, I am foregoing other types of exercise. That said, I won't be visiting the gym this month (damn!) and I will try to eat healthier (they have a nutrition guideline but I won't be following that coz it's too hard). Again, I'll be posting an update in about 24 days so stay tuned!

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karempot said...

is it working? burn me a copy! hahahah i can't work out right now but i sure would love to try it after mya comes out hehehe