Friday, January 18, 2008

Diaper Bags

My 101st post! Yay!
Anyway, since I'm on the topic of babies (well, the last post was about a baby), why not discuss diaper bags? Last week, my friend JG asked me if I knew of "fashionable" diaper bags that she can use. She wanted something nice that can accommodate all of her daughter's necessities but also double as her handbag. She basically wanted a handbag - diaper bag combo so she doesn't need to tote around 2 bags when she's out with her baby.

Although I am no expert in bags (and diaper bags for that matter), I knew I can always turn to the those who are...the Bag Snobs, of course! So, I searched their site for their diaper bag suggestions. They actually had a few, since they are both moms. kidding. This bag is incredibly huge that you can fit your baby's necessities and your baby in it. Plus, it's heavy enough with nothing in it. Imagine how heavy it'll be with all everything else you'll need to put in it. Although the Bag Snobs sometimes use their birkins as diaper bags, this one is just too much. And by the way, this bag isn't one they suggested.

Tory Burch Patent Leather Tote

I am not a fan of Tory Burch. I find her logo to be annoying and some of her designs to be a little too predictable. All that withstanding, I think this tote is cute and big enough to lug all of baby's things. This is not an actual diaper bag so it doesn't come with all the pockets that a traditional diaper bag has. However, a purse organizer from The Container Store can solve that problem.

Mia Bossi 'Audrey' in Sand

This looks like a purse but it's an actual diaper bag! It even comes with a changing pad, a diaper holder, baby wipe holder and many more! This diaper bag is the answer to the fashionable mom that doesn't want to carry a cutesy floral diaper bag (i.e., click here).

Mia Bossi "Rex" in Trooper

A diaper bag for the fashionable dad. This messenger-style diaper bag has all the bells and whistles of a diaper bag but is designed with dad in mind.
Hmmm, when it's time for me to purchase one I'll keep this entry in mind.

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