Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolutions's that time of the year again when we ponder on how we can improve ourselves. It's time to make our resolutions. Almost everyone tries to make a list of how they can better themselves or their lives. Some people resolve to do things they've never done. I guess everyone has their own interpretation of a new year's resolution. Very tricky. I, for one, take time to think about what I should change if I can change it. I try to look back and read my previous resolutions before making new ones, just to make sure I'm not setting myself up for another year of disappointment (disappointment of not actually following through, that is). This year, I'd like to share my list to everyone....maybe some of you can keep me on pace.

1. To not use my credit cards - This one will be tough for an impulsive shopper like me. Still, I'd like to try. I'm trying to lower my credit card debt and hopefully I can pay off most of my cards by summer if I stop adding to what I already owe. By doing so, I will be improving my credit score which will be a big plus when I finally make my biggest splurge - buying a condo! Yay!

2. To be healthy - Lately, I've been busy (especially with school) that I haven't been to the gym in a few months (since September!). I've also been eating really horribly which is soooo not good. This year, I plan to go back to my healthy self - plenty of exercise and a good diet (no more fast food). I've done it before and I sure as hell can do it again!

3. To take better care of myself - I know this sounds like it should be part of No. 2 but this one includes not just physical health but also emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc. I need to pay more attention to how I present myself to people (I got the clothes down, it's the hair and makeup part that kills me). This year I want to give myself all the attention I've neglected to give all these years so definitely more "ME" time and more pampering this year.

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S said...

my new years resolution is to be more philanthropic. hopefully, it'll put me in touch with my spiritual side.