Monday, March 24, 2008

Wardrobe Update

JJ and I were chatting this morning about updating our wardrobe. I realized that although I do have a pretty full closet, I really need to invest in quality classic pieces that will stand the test of time. This does not mean that I have to buy more clothes. Nor does this mean that each new piece has to be pricey. It just means that I have to think about each piece that I add to my closet.

I think it comes down to smart editing. An article from the April 2008 issue of Instyle Magazine states that one should build their wardrobe on a few key pieces. These key pieces are the ones that make us feel special when we wear them. When I go through my closet, I probably have 2 or 3 key pieces I can build from but that's not enough. This means I haven't been buying smart. When I really think about it, price dictates most of my purchases and it shouldn't. Just because a piece is expensive doesn't mean you should discount it from your choices. You have to think about:

1.) how you feel in it
2.) the fit and the fall of the garment on your body
3.) if you can mix and match it with items you already own
4.) how many times you'll wear it

For me, the first two are the most important. How you feel in your clothes affects how you project yourself to the world. If your clothes make you feel frumpy and dowdy, this will probably affect your confidence. If your clothes make you feel sexy, then that's all a woman could ever ask for. As for fit, I'm pretty sure we've all gone through trying on clothes only to find out that either they're out of our size or we're between sizes. Ladies, I'm sure you've heard of something called a tailor. Invest in a good one because they will forever be your new best friend. I'm petite and American sizes hardly ever work for me and it's frustrating to find something so cute that doesn't fit. If in doubt, buy it and take it to your tailor. Discuss whether alteration will work. If not, then you can always return it. Caveat though: make sure your tailor is good before you trust them with your clothing. Referrals are usually best.

As far as the last two on my list, these are just things I consider when I purchase clothing. If I really like something, it's usually because of either 1 or 2. If I'm strapped for cash, 3 and 4 help me narrow down my choices (well, I guess I'm not really strapped for cash if I'm still shopping but you get what I mean). Matching pieces usually help me decide if a particular piece will be worn right away. As for frequency of use, that just helps me justify an expensive purchase.

We've all got our shortcomings when it comes to shopping. It helps if you've got a shopping buddy you trust. This will help alleviate any apprehensions of checking out new stores or those bigger purchases you're contemplating. If you're trying on something that's out of your comfort zone, be sure to bring your trusted shopping buddy with you. Another set of eyes are always a plus, especially if you honestly trust their opinion (and never ask a salesperson because they will almost always tell you it looks cute even when it doesn't). Experience also helps. The more you shop, the better you get at it!

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