Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Search of...a Structured Purse

JJ noticed from my last post that I'm back to Square One with my purse situation. *Sigh* Indeed I am. I posted a couple of entries ago that I have decided on the YSL Tribute as the purse I am buying. However, after careful consideration, I decided that I need a more structured purse.

The YSL Tribute is great but it is still much to casual for work. A structured purse will look more professional and refined. It can look a little too stiff and stodgy but a great structured purse is able to transcend that. Structured purses can also lend an air of sophistication even to the most casual of outfits.

(L-R Uptown Patent $1895; Medium Majorelle $1395, both available from Saks)

These two beauties from YSL perfectly showcase the elegance of the structured purse. These bags boast simple yet classy lines. The Uptown in Blue Patent is absolutely sumptuous and although I personally prefer the Majorelle in White, the Black Patent version is also quite enthralling. These two purses are absolutely perfect for my new position at work because they both scream, "I mean business."


Purse Addict said...

you have now been officially suckered into YSL mania...muhahahhahahahah!

sumnboutme said...

ugh, I's horrible! damn them... but yeah, i also want the YSL sandals...