Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shopping List

Some of you might not know this, but I am a list-maker.  I love lists.  I make lists for everything.  Before I head to the grocery, I make a list.  Before I pack my suitcase for a trip, I make a list.  Now, I’m not the most organized person on the planet but I like how lists make me feel that I’ve at least attempted to be organized. 


I think I mentioned before that I was thinking of sharing with you my personal must-buy list.  I have attempted to organize this list according to priority but knowing me, it’ll probably change.  Oh, and just because I have this list doesn’t mean I don’t buy other things.  I have a separate shopping list for my clothes which gets updated quarterly. 


1.)    Black Pumps – I’ve posted about this.  It’s still on my list.  I’m still looking for good ones that are not outrageously overpriced but comfortable enough for me to wear for 8-9 hours at work.

2.)    Wallet – Like the black pumps, I’ve posted about this.  I’m too picky and I haven’t found THE wallet that I’m totally in love with.

3.)    Brown Belt – This has been on my list for ages.  Like I said, I’m too picky and I haven’t found the belt that calls to me.

4.)    Purse – I realized I need a structured purse for work since most of my purses are slouchy and hobo-ey, much too casual for work (I’ll probably blog more about this later).  I’ll need to think about this some more.  I actually emailed the Bag Snobs for help but they haven’t responded.


Purse Addict said...

I'm a list-maker time you're over remind me to show you the agendas i have...if you dont mind looking like a high school teenager, you can have one :)

sumnboutme said...

lol...if I remember, I'll ask...