Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Battle of the Spring Rings

(L-R Dior ring, $5,550 at Eluxury; Juicy ring, $88 at Nordstrom)

Now I know these two rings aren't identical but you've got to admit their pretty darn close! The Dior Diorette Yellow Gold Ring came out last year and I immediately fell in love with it. I think this ring completely captures the essence of Spring, with the bright colors and the full blossoms. It is made of 18 carat gold with a tiny amethyst and an even tinier diamond. Did I mention that this ring is hand-assembled?
The Juicy Couture Garden Party Ring is a poor knock-off. Not only does it lack the color and robustness of the Dior ring, it also lacks in craftmanship (which is obviously reflected in the price difference). It is made of 14k gold-plated brass, epoxy, glass, and a freshwater pearl. I believe this ring only went on the market in the last couple of months.

1 comment:

Hiro said...

Wow... They are rings?
Looks huge.

I think I like both of them, just as in a decorative view. If we go down to what it's made of, and how it's made, I'm sure I'd go to the one of the left, but if I wanted to make nice decorations for my counter, I'd take them both.

And I completely agree with your 3/3 entry. It is quite hideous.