Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Shopping Ban?

Um, what was that? Shopping ban? What's that? HAHAHA... Seriously, I think the more I restrict myself when it comes to shopping, the worse it is for my wallet. Considering that the last time I really shopped was back in December, I've been really good. So, for my good behavior, I opted to treat myself to a few goodies.

First, my first exotic CL - Watersnake New Simples. I really wanted my first exotics to be python but it's kinda hard to go around the python ban in CA. I will find a way to get those pythons to me...maybe for my birthday (or hopefully sooner!).

My first BRIGHT CLs - Turquoise Suede Ron Rons. Talk about a statement shoe, these shoes are BRIGHT.

My first metallic CLs - Gold Laminato Rolandos. I was a little afraid of this shoe but they hurt less than my declics. Go figure.

William Rast & People's Liberation Warehouse Sale - I really don't need another pair of jeans so I bought 2 black pairs!!!! Haha, I figure since they're black they're not REALLY jeans (it makes sense in my head). I also bought a tshirt and a funky looking top.

I'm also waiting for a few more packages to arrive. Hopefully they arrive by the end of the week. Hmmm, I don't know if I should enforce another ban. It seems to have the opposite effect. Oh well.


hana said...

hi, i love your blog! i try to read it whenever you update it. keep on blogging! also, i was wondering where you found those turqouise CL ron rons...i can't find them anywhere online. thanks.

sumnboutme said...

Thanks! I got the Ron Rons from the CL Boutique at SCP. You should call soon though because I know a lot of people have been calling for them. Good luck!