Thursday, September 27, 2007

LG Prada Phone

Ok, I'm confused. Why two brand names? Is it by LG? Is it by Prada? Obviously, it's an LG phone...Prada doesn't make phones. But why the two brand names? Ah, precisely because Prada doesn't make phones. Confused yet? I bet.

As I said, Prada doesn't make phones but Prada does have wealthy clients. There are people out there who are Prada fans and would buy anything Prada. LG was smart enough to secure the license to the brand and stamp it on their phones. Of course, they probably paid a hefty sum. Prada probably makes a cut of the sales as well. It all comes down to money and ultimately the 'poor' consumer suffers for it.

How is this different from buying a Prada bag or any other designer ware, you ask? Well, the difference is that when you buy, let's say, a Prada bag, you're paying for a Prada bag - you're paying Prada dollars for a Prada item. When you buy the LG Prada phone, it's almost like your paying Prada dollars for a Coach bag. Now, does that seem right to you?

LG Prada Phone, $799.00

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