Friday, September 14, 2007

Black Patent Activa Platform Sandals

I finally took a picture of my new CL's...the Black Patent Activa Platform Sandals. These weren't my first first choice but I've grown to like them. I wanted a more subdued black pump and I left Saks with these sexy patent shoes. Like most CLs, these ones sort of pinch the pinky toe but I think that the leather can be stretched to accommodate my pain. I didn't want a patent shoe because I'm not a big fan of anything trendy but I think I can be a little bit forgiving in this case. The leather is so minimal that I barely notice that it's patent. My favorite part of this shoe, apart from the fact that it's from CL, is the cork heel. How sexy is that? I think these shoes definitely bring the sexy back. Wouldn't you agree? I also like the fact that it's has a long, cigarette heel (4.5 inches). They make my legs look a mile long. These babies would go great with my mini dresses.

I'd like to give props to my friend JJ for encouraging me to purchase these lovelies (she actually has a pair of these exact same shoes). I haven't exactly worn these out yet but I'll be parading these babies soon. For a preview on how they look on, see below (forgive the blue nail polish, I haven't had the time for a pedicure):

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