Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Luke Grimes

As I checked the Barney's website today to look at some shoes, I noticed the new ad campaign and the face looked so oddly familiar. Not familiar in the sense that I knew the person but familiar in the sense that I've seen them before.

It took me a second to realize that the familiar face was none other than Luke Grimes from Brothers & Sisters. I've only started watching that show recently and Luke's character, Ryan, isn't the most attractive/appealing on that show but he looks kinda hot in the Barney's ad campaign.

Big difference right? It's got to be the styling and the lighting.

Anywho, what I was really checking the site for, before I got momentarily sidetracked by some cute boy (ok, slightly cute boy) were yellow shoes. For some reason, I've been wanting a pair of yellow shoes. No, I'm not buying anything just yet. I just checked the site to ogle at pretty shoes.

First up, Christian Louboutin Yellow Suede Ron Rons.
I actually have these in Turquoise and they are really cute and quite comfy. But it's suede and I'm afraid it'll get dirty unless I get it treated. But still, perfect summer shoe.

Next shoe, Christian Louboutin Python Rolando in Yellow.This picture totally does not do this shoe ANY justice at all. Definitely the sexier shoe of the two but I already have these in Gold Laminato. It's a little too close in color but the skin is TDF! I love exotics but I'd probably get these in the Roccia.

Oh yellow shoes. Perfect for summer but not that perfect for my wallet. Maybe I should go back to looking at pictures of cute boys.


Elise said...

I think I prefer the Rolandos, even if the Ron Ron are really cute The Rolandos are amazing in roccia, and would be perfect for summer like you said

sumnboutme said...

Yes, roccia Rolandos would be nice. Anything in roccia really... =)